How To: Wet Look Scrunched Hair

Hair that looks maximally light and spontaneous, a bit messy, sexy and extremely effortless is a daily goal of any girl. Scrunched waves are universally flattering. They add volume to fine hair or tame its excess for thick locks, especially when the wet effect is added. If you face shape is round, you can style the front locks of this hairstyle asymmetrically, letting them fall on one of your cheeks, so that your scrunched waves settle into the A-line silhouette. As a result, you will get the desired face-slimming effect, achieved thanks to the asymmetry and prevalence of vertical lines in this hairstyle.

scrunched hair downdo for round faces

scrunched waves downdo

wavy hairstyle for a round face

Scrunched waves are usually easily achieved on the locks that have a tendency to a curl. Girls who have naturally wavy or curly hair know that a scrunched look is easier for them than the regular blow-drying procedure with hair straightening. But there are certain nuances to take into account when styling the scrunched hair look at home.

Wet Look Scrunched Hair – Step-By-Step Tutorial

Step 1: Styling The Nape Section

Section out the hair of the nape section, using a horizontal parting, and clip up the remaining locks. Pump out some foam or mousse into your palm. Tilt your head and apply the product to your locks, scrunching them thoroughly. Next you need to blow dry the locks, that are being scrunched, holding them in your palm and keeping to scrunch. If the mousse or foam, that you are applying, possesses thermal protection properties, use the warm (not hot) air regime of blow-drying, if not, work with the cool air setting. In the end leave the processed locks as they are. Do not comb or run your fingers through them!

hairstyling with foam

how to scrunch hair

scrunched hair instructions

styling thin hair

how to style thin hair

Step 2: Styling Temple Sections

The temple sections are worked on according to the same principle. All the locks are scrunched towards the parting. You do not need to guide them into any particular direction. Tilt your head to the side, you are working on.

how to scrunch hair step by step

Step 3: Styling The Crown Section

Section out the crown zone and process the hair the same way. Then lift the locks and scrunch them upwards to texture the locks around the crown thoroughly.

hair scrunching instructions

how ro scrunched hair

scrunched hairstyle styling

styling wet look scrunched waves

Step 4: Styling The Front Locks

The locks of the front section are processed backwards with your head tilted back. Next tilt your head forward and fix the scrunched effect with warm or cool air when blowdrying. And again, tilt your head backward and keep scrunching the front locks while blowdrying.

medium hairstyle for thin hair tutorial

styling scrunched waves with mousse

Step 5: The Final Stroke

Arrange the locks as you’d like them finally to settle in the hairstyle and fix the result with light hold hair spray to retain their feel of movement and let them look maximally natural.

scrunched downdo wet look

a-line downdo for round faces

scrunched hairstyle back

The scrunched locks with a wet effect are an ideal hairstyle option for summer, but you can, certainly, rock them whenever you are in the mood. Here is the step-by-step tutorial for you, we have prepared so that you could effortlessly achieve your best scrunched waves ever.

scrunched hair tutorial