How To: Wavy A-Line Hairstyle With A Bouffant For Round Faces

When a girl with a round face wears a simple braid and a floral print dress, she risks looking too plain. I know many girls who try to avoid this effect. If you are one of them, I know what to suggest in this relation. The right hairstyle for a round face, like this chic wavy downdo with a bouffant, is going to add you some aristocracy flair instead! Besides, it’s extremely flattering for a round face thanks to its A-line elongating silhouette. Plus, being aware of the girls’ craze for braids, we have decided to introduce a cute braided element into our hairstyle. It’s going to work as a cute small accent, appropriate practically in any age.

asymmetric hairstyle with a bouffant

curly braided downdo

medium wavy downdo

Wavy A-Line Hairstyle With A Bouffant For Round Faces – Step-By-Step Tutorial

Step 1: Preparing The Curly Base

The base of this hairstyle is the curly downdo we have described in the previous article. In other words, you can use your second day curls as a base for this hairstyle with a bouffant. Otherwise, you’ll need to curl your locks with flat irons away from the face, as described here.

curls styling

Step 2: Styling The Bouffant

Section out the crown zone with a U-shaped parting and clip the sectioned locks. Release a few locks at the lower border of the crown section and backcomb them. Keep backcombing lock-by-lock, proceeding up towards the bangs. Cover the bouffant with the last lock, bordering with the bangs.

sectioning out crown section

backcombing hair

backcombing top locks

styling bouffant

bouffant hairstyle

Step 3: Braiding

Take 3 strands of hair at your temple and begin to braid a thin braid, picking thin pieces from above and braiding them in. Braid a couple of inches like this and then stop picking up additional pieces, but braid a simple braid that is supposed to reach the central line of your head (at the back). Complete a braid for the other side according to the same principle. Join the two braids at the nape, bringing the left strand of one braid to the left strand on the other, the right strand of one braid to the right strand of the other, and join the central strands likewise. Braid to the end. Note that you do not need ideal braids for this hairstyle. Let them better be a bit messy.

hair braiding

messy braid

braiding medium length hair

braided hairstyle tutorial

downdo with a braid

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Step 4: Fixing The End Of The Braid Without Elastic

Hair elastics often look unappealing in such hairstyles. But now we know how to fix the end of your braid without an elastic. Simply backcomb it and fix additionally with hair spray.

fixing the braid without elastic

Step 5: The Final Stroke

As always, fix the result with hair spray. You may tousle your curls a little previously.

hair spraying

Let’s see how the hairstyle looks from different sides.

a-line curly downdo with a bouffant

curly hairstyle for a round face

medium messy hairstyle with a bouffant

I find this downdo universally fittable into all your casual looks and also appropriate for some special occasions. It works fabulous as a hairstyle for round faces, because it visually elongates your face shape and improves its proportions. If you feel like recreating this look one day soon, here’s a tutorial for you to keep at your fingertips as a crib sheet.

A-line hairstyle with a bouffant for round faces tutorial