How To: Voluminous Curly Hairstyle For Short Fine Hair

Voluminous curls are a universal solution for short fine hair. They are going to offer you not only a fabulous volume boost, but extraordinary texture and a gorgeous feminine look as well. These curls give a miraculously light feel and look so touchable, that you can hardly hold yourself from running your fingers through them. Curly ‘dos for short fine hair are one of the best hairstyle ideas for a special occasion. You do not need to sleep on the curlers or fuss with the pulling out procedure. You can shape some adorable curls with a regular flat iron. Let’s see how to…

curly hairstyle for short fine hair

curly hairstyle for short thin hair

voluminous curly hairstyle for short fine hair

Before we begin, let’s sort out whether this hairstyle is going to be flattering for you. As you see, it features no lift on top, but the lovely curls around your face, which, however, can visually broaden your face to a certain extent. That’s why this hairstyle is going to be maximally flattering for long and triangular faces. If your face is round, make sure you use a side parting and long side bangs, shaping the A-line silhouette of your hairstyle and making your face appear slimmer.

Voluminous Curly Hairstyle For Short Fine Hair – Step-By-Step Tutorial

Step 1: Preparation

Dividing your hair into sections facilitates the styling process and improves its final result. You may provide the 4 sections like in the photo below or use simple horizontal sections, pinning all the locks up and releasing new tiers as you are working your curls up.

how to section your hair

Step 2: Shaping The Curls

These curls are shaped with a flat iron. Begin from the lowest locks in the nape and proceed up towards the crown. To get the beautiful curve, you need to scroll the flat iron from the roots of your locks to their ends, performing rotator motion (see the photos below). This technique will boost volume of your hairstyle and let you achieve a beautiful curl pattern.

how to curl hair with a flat iron

how to curl your hair at home

how to style curls

Step 3: Curling The Locks Of The Temple Sections

When you are going to work on your temple sections, you need to hold the curling iron vertically and curl your locks away from your face according to the same principle, described in the previous step.

how to curl face-framing locks

how to curl short fine hair

how to make beautiful curls

curls with a flat iron

Step 4: Tousling Your Curls

At the final stage you would shatter your curls a little to enhance the volume of your ‘do and arrange a more sophisticated texture. Bury your fingers into your mane to the roots and tousle your locks, fixing the result with hair spray.

final finish for curly hairstyle

styling curls

how to style voluminous curls

Now let’s see what we have got.

short curly hairstyle

curly hairstyle for thin hair

The length has reduced, but the volume and texture are beyond praise. I love the intricate pattern of the curls which are quite distinct yet blended into a single whole. They also look a bit different on the left and the right, but that’s the zest of this lovely hairstyle. If you find it cute, here is The Hair Tutorial in pictures to pin in Pinterest. You can use it as a step-by-step instruction. Thank you for taking interest in the web site and reading this page!
short curly hairstyle tutorial