How To: Short Hairstyle For Fine Hair With Twisted Bangs

This cute girly hairstyle for short fine hair is a good option for every day. It’s practical, pretty and fitable into any of your casual looks. One problem with the popular today long bangs is that they keep falling constantly into your face which can be at times quite distracting and annoying. Twists in the bangs are a lovely decorative element of your casual hairstyle that, at the same time, gives you a neat look.short hairstyle for fine hair

short hairstyle for fine hair with twists

You can adjust this particular hairstyle to any face shape. Our model has a round face, that’s why we style her locks side-parted. Keeping in mind that the centre parting widens your face visually, it’s easy to conclude that with a long or oval face, you simply shift your parting to the centre. If your hairline is squared, you need to bring the twists maximally closer to the line of your hair growth and adjust them so that they cover the corners of your forehead.

Short Hairstyle For Fine Hair With Twisted Bangs – Step-By-Step Tutorial

Step1: Divide Your Locks Into Sections

Before you begin styling your locks, you need to divide them into sections. It’s a necessary step even for fine hair. The sectioning helps you to manage your locks more efficiently and enhances the final result. Use a rat-tail comb for quick and effortless sectioning. We made 4 sections: the nape section, the crown section and 2 temple sections with a side parting between them.
how to section your hair

Step 2: Blow-Dry Your Locks

Prepare the base of your hairstyle, blow-drying your hair step by step, using a vented round brush. Begin from the lowest tresses of the nape section and ascend towards the crown. To achieve the quality volume, you need to make sure that the locks you are getting recur the natural curve of your head.
hot to blow dry fine hair

Step 3: Style The Crown Section

Do the same styling for the crown section as you’ve done for the nape. Next, begin to backcomb your locks on the crown: section out a horizontal strand in the middle of your head and backcomb it, using a flat comb, then take another strand above and backcomb it likewise. The top strand of the crown section is backcombed slightly and smoothed out to cover the light bouffant we have to backcomb hair

hair backcombing

how to do a bouffant

voluminous hairstyle

hairstyle for short hair with a bouffant

Step 4: Make The Twists

The temple areas are styled into twists. To create a cute twist that is going to hold its shape and position in your hairstyle, you need to twist two strands, picking up a new thin strand and adding it to one of the two after each twist you make. After the first twist is finished, fix it with a bobby pin and hide its end under the locks. Repeat the procedure for the other to style twists

how to style bangs

styling twists

how to do twists in the bangs

how to do twists for short hair

Step 5: Fix The Result

If you have done everything properly, the hairstyle will hold its shape well, but hair spray is called to enhance its durability.

Here comes the result of our work:short hairstyle for fine hair

cute short hairstyle for thin hair

bob hairstyle for fine hair with twists

Personally I love this hairstyle for its simplicity and a careless girly feel. I can imagine it being rocked by a 5-year old girl as well as by her mother. If you like the idea, please pin up this Hair Tutorial in Pinterest, and find 15-30 minutes to complete the ‘do in the near future.bob with twists hair tutorial