Pre Poo Is the Ultimate Hair Hack

Most of us are trying to shorten our hair care routines to make getting ready as quick and simple as possible. So why is the latest craze in hair care looking to add another step to the entire process? The new holy grail in the hair world is pre-poo and while the name might sound a little funny (it’s short for pre-shampoo), the extra time it takes before you shower is more than worth it. Once you’ve read about this product, there will be no looking back.

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What Is Pre-Shampoo?

So, what is pre-poo exactly? It’s essentially the ultimate fix for dry hair. Annabel Kingsley, a trichologist at Philip Kingsley, tells Byrdie beauty that “pre-shampoo conditioning treatments help to re-moisturize the hair shaft to improve elasticity, strength, resilience, and manageability—all of which diminish over time due to general wear and tear and daily styling.” Surprisingly, Kingsley says hair should be able to stretch by about one-third of its length when wet before breaking. But this rarely happens, thanks to the abuse most of us put our hair through.

How It Works

Consider pre-shampoo as a deep-conditioning and fast-acting hair mask. A pre-poo treatment coats the strands of the hair to protect them. By applying the pre-poo to dry hair from root to tip a few minutes before a shower, you’re allowing the product to soak into the hair to strengthen and seal it. It’s meant to be rinsed away in the shower afterward, but the pre-poo has done its job. It delivers tons of moisture, increases natural stretch, and will give your hair the bounce you’ve been craving!

If you battle with frizz, especially in the summer months, then learning how to pre-poo should be at the top of your to-do list. It smoothes the cuticle, making it less porous and increasing manageability and shine.

Fortunately, not just frizzy hair types can benefit from pre-shampoo. Virtually anyone can benefit from the use of a pre-poo but it works especially well if you suffer from dry or brittle hair or have excessive damage.

While pre-shampoo may seem time-consuming, the application doesn’t take long and it can be done right before a shower or hours before. Add in the moisturizing treatment before you go to the gym or even the night before you have your morning shower. It only takes a few minutes and the results will truly give your hair everything it has been craving. Believe it or not, it’s the water and harsh sulfates found in a lot of shampoos that dry out hair. A pre-poo will protect the hair from these drying properties in advance. To combat any damage, apply pre-shampoo to damp or dry hair, starting at the root and finishing at the tip. Divide your hair into sections to be sure that each strand will reap the full benefit of the treatment.

Pre-Pooing for Natural Hair

Of course, you can absolutely purchase a product specially designed to be a pre-shampoo, but you don’t have to spend much money to get the benefits of the idea surrounding the pre-poo treatment. For particularly difficult hair that may also be natural, you can definitely pre-poo with coconut oil, palm kernel oil, or any oil that is porous enough to easily penetrate the hair shaft. If you’re wondering how to pre-poo natural hair, simply add the treatment to damp hair because hair absorbs more when wet, although you can easily apply it to dry hair. Let it soak for at least 15 minutes before you get into the shower but feel free to leave it on overnight. If you want to keep your pillow from getting greasy, wrap an old t-shirt around your head.

Recipes for All Hair Types

Some of the best and most natural pre-poo recipes involve oils like coconut and jojoba oil. You can even add in a fresh, mashed avocado for an unbelievable shine boost. But these pre-poo products, specifically designed with hair care complexes, work wonders for all of your pre-shampooing needs, for all hair types.

If you have color-treated hair, then look no further than Living Proof’s Pre-Shampoo Treatment. This product is excellent at sealing in color, helping that costly dye job stay vibrant longer. In clinical studies, it was proven to reduce breakage by 85% after just one use! The color seal complex found in this pre-poo costs around $26, but the protection it gives your hair is worth every penny.

Living Proof Pre-Shampoo

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This elasticizer may weigh in at $50, but it is pretty much the omega when it comes to pre-shampoo. It was created by Philip Kingsley for Audrey Hepburn who had an endless supply of it shipped to her home in Switzerland. The Elasticizer Extreme Pre-Shampoo Treatment smooths the cuticle and protects the hair’s inner cortex. It also helps strands stay stretchy by dousing them with moisture.

Elasticizer Extreme Pre-Shampoo Treatment

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Did you know you can use conditioner as a pre-poo? Garnier Fructis Strength Butter is designed as a rinse-out post-shampoo treatment but can do wonders as a pre-shampoo. Apply it to dry hair to deliver maximum moisture. Mix it with your favorite oil to pack a powerful punch.

Strength Butter

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The next time you’re giving your hair the once over, consider investing in a pre-shampoo or concocting one of your own using a natural oil. I personally have been coating my tresses in coconut oil before my workouts for years. As you rinse off that sweat, you’ll also notice how incredibly soft and healthy your hair feels. Pre-poo is truly the best treatment on the market. Doubling up with a lighter oil, like Moroccan oil, after showering is a great way to ensure that no moisture escapes your locks! So hook yourself up with a pre-poo and enjoy the benefits.