How To: Messy Updo For A Round Face

As a rule, girls and women with round faces look very feminine. But the extreme fullness of face may need some visual correction that is instantly achieved with the right hairstyle. A round face suggests certain nuances in the choice of flattering hairstyle silhouettes and textures, but you shouldn’t, by any means, stick to something boring that is going to make you look older or (what is even worse) like a nerd:) On the contrary, you have all the reasons to try some of the trendiest hairstyles we have seen in the latest fashion shows. They will make your look super chic and distract attention from anything you‘d like to improve in your appearance, like chubby cheeks or absence of sculpted cheekbones. Our messy updo for a round face is exactly the case!

loose messy updo for a round face

Those fine strands, fallen out of the do, add a super sensual feel to your look, that seems to be the inherent and absolutely natural part of your image. They “draw” the vertical lines along your face, making it appear a bit longer than it is, thus, adjusting the proportions.

messy updo for fine hair

scrunched hair updo

The hairstyle is recommended for medium length hair of any thickness. Our model’s hair is fine, and we have managed to boost its volume with texturizing and backcombing. Keep on reading, because we are ready to unveil all the styling tricks on this updo right now!

Messy Updo For Round Faces – Step-By-Step Tutorial

Step 1: Backcombing The Crown Section

With thin streaks around your face and practically no volume on the sides, the light bouffant is exactly what is needed to shape the elongated silhouette of our updo. So, we need to backcomb the locks on the crown to gain the necessary lift above the forehead. Section out the crown section with the U-shaped parting and back comb the hair on the crown lock by lock.

hair sectioning

backcombing top locks

bouffant for updo

Step 2: Texturizing Hair

The messy texture of this updo is one of its major attractions. The scrunched waves are easily achieved with mousse or foam if your hair is a bit wavy or curly from nature. Apply some mousse or foam to your damp locks and scrunch them, beginning from the locks in the nape and working up towards the bangs. The detailed instructions on scrunched hair can be found here.

how to scrunch hair for messy updo

Step 3: Updo Styling

Once the volume is achieved and the texture is defined, you can proceed directly to the updo styling. Braid the ends of your locks at the nape. Wind the braid around your finger away from yourself and tuck it to hide under the updo. Fix the braid roll with bobby pins, so that they are not visible.

styling scrunched hair

how to style messy updo

messy updo tutorial

styling loose updo

updo hairstyle for thin hair

how to messy updo

Step 4: Final Fixation

Fix the updo with hairspray.

scrunched updo hairstyle

updo for round faces

bedhead hair updo

Our messy bedhead style looks sexy, extremely effortless and spontaneous. Let everyone around think that you have done it in a matter of minutes. Rock your messy updo as a casual hairstyle and enjoy its informal feel. To save the idea and step-by-step instructions, don’t forget to pin the tutorial in Pinterest.