How To: Messy Broken Curls

These messy broken curls literally breathe with spontaneity and carelessness. They bear a feel of “bedhead” hairstyles which always appear both sexy and effortless. To look every day like “well, I haven’t done anything special to look so great today” is one of the most valuable skills for any woman. With our hairstyle you’ll easily achieve that legendary effect. Besides, after some practice you’ll be able to curl yourself fast and “professionally” at home. We have prepared a really good step-by-step tutorial to help you to master the messy curls styling technique.

short curly hairstyle for fine hair

short messy curls

Messy curls for short hair provide the homogeneous distribution of volume around your face, which is going to be flattering for all face shapes. If you wear long bangs, you can throw them on your face in a sort of sassy peek-a-boo or sweep them backwards, opening your forehead. The best effect with messy hairstyles is achieved when they are performed on the base of freshly cut hair. Otherwise your ‘do may look a bit sloppy. Anyway, let’s see how you can do those messy broken curls.

How To: Messy Broken Curls – Step-By-Step Tutorial

Step 1: Hair Sectioning

Simple sectioning of your locks will help you to manage them properly. So, take a minute to divide your hair into a few sections before you begin working on your curls. For this hairstyle you will need only 4 sections. Define your natural parting and then divide your locks horizontally from ear to ear through the highest point of your head. Thus, we are getting 4 sections.

how to section your hair before styling
light curls with a flat iron

Step 2: Shaping The Broken Curls With A Flat Iron

Release some hair in the nape and begin to style the curls. Clamp a lock at the roots between the plates of your flat iron and rotate it 180 degrees away from yourself. Then curl the end of the lock, clamping it in the middle and rotating the iron 180 degrees toward yourself. This way you will be able to achieve both a nice lift at the roots and a beautiful curl pattern. Curl all the locks in the nape and on the crown one by one.
how to do curls with a flat iron
how to do curls at home
curling hair with a flat iron
how to do messy curls

Step 3: Curling The Front Locks & Temple Sections

The locks in the temples are curled according to the principle described in the previous step. Working on the front locks, curl them toward your face to boost the volume of your hairstyle.

how to shape messy curls with a flat iron
styling face-framing locks
how to curl hair with a flat iron

styling front locks

Step 4: Final Finish

Once you are finished shaping your curls, it’s time to tousle them. Turn your head down with your fingers at the roots of your curls and shake them well. Fix the ‘do with hair spray. Repeat the same procedure once more and spray your locks again.
tousling curls

how to tousle curls

how to style tousled hairstyles

And now let’s see the result.

short messy hairstyle

curly hairstyle for short thin hair

short voluminous curls

The curls with fun messy texture always look fresh and unhackneyed. You can wear them every day or style exclusively for any non-formal occasion. If you like the idea and feel like bringing it to life one day, please pin the Hair Tutorial with easy steps in pictures, we have prepared for you.
hair tutorial short curly hairstyle