How To: Lovely Downdo With A Face-Framing Lace Braid

Downdos are awesome for everyday, because they give you the valuable feel of ease and unconstraint from the lively locks around your face. When you want to add a swanky touch to your casual downdo, a fancy braided element is something that comes to mind ahead of other ideas. It’s not only easy to do, but also looks super cute and serves a perfect framing for your face. Our girly downdo with a face-framing lace braid will help you to tame your long bangs which aim to fall into your eyes every now and then. Besides, since the braid is running across your forehead diagonally, with this hairstyle you are going to achieve a face-slimming effect. Do you still hesitate to try it?

medium hairrstyle with braided bangs for round faces

Lovely Downdo With A Face-Framing Lace Braid – Step-By-Step Tutorial

Step 1: Styling With A Blow-Dryer And A Round Brush

If your face shape is round, ideally straight sleek tresses by its sides look unflattering, therefore the silhouette of your hairstyle should be slightly voluminous. So, wash your hair, wring out the excess water and, while blow-drying, pull out every strand of hair, using a round brush. Begin from the nape section and move upwards to the crown and temples. Hold the blow dryer parallel to the parting you have made. Closer to the temples you can make the parting more diagonal and bring the locks closer to your face.
blow-drying with a round brush
hair blow-drying
how to blow dry hair with a round brush
professional hair-drying

Step 2: Sectioning Out Locks Above Your Forehead

Section out a triangular section with a shift of the top angle to the right or left, depending on how your hair settles naturally. Use a rat tail comb to achieve the ideal result.
how to section off hair

Step 3: Plaiting A Braid

Begin from the outermost point of the triangular section. Take 3 strands. Bring the 3rd strand under the 2nd one, then bring the 1st strand under the 2nd one too. And then add a piece from the hair above to the 2nd strand. Smooth your strands out, as you are braiding, to achieve a beautiful braided pattern. Add a piece from above every second braiding step. For this hairstyle you do not need to braid along the line of your hair growth, but lower the braid so that it curves across your forehead, covering the side of your face partially to make it appear slimmer.
braiding bangs
how to braid bangs
braided bangs tutorial
bangs braidingbraided bangs for a round face

Step 4: Adding An Extra Cool Touch To The Braid

Your face-framing braid will become even more appealing if you slightly pull at its parts, making it wider and more prominent. This trick is especially useful for girls with thin hair who try to achieve chunkier braids. Begin gently pulling at your braid from its end and move up to its base.
lace braid tutorial

Step 5: Fixing The End Of The Braid

Backcomb the end of your braid and hairspray it to fix your braid without a hair elastic.

how to fix braid's end
fixation for braid's end

Step 6: Fixing The Braid Under The Side Locks

Now you need to pin up your braid, so that it makes a lovely curve along the side of your face, and hide its end under the side locks. So, make a vertical parting at the temple and fix the sectioned off locks with a hair clip. Bring the end of the braid behind your ear and fix it with a bobby pin. Release the clipped locks and let them cover the braid’s end.
how to make side parting
how to fix braided bangs
downdo with braided bangs

Step 7: Final Fixation

The final step is fixing your hairstyle with hairspray.
hair spraying
I see that this cute ‘do really works good for a round face, as it’s based on the vertical and diagonal silhouette lines.
medium hairstyle for round faces
hairstyle with braided bangs

The good thing is you can recreate the look yourself or braid your sister, daughter or a friend, following these simple instructions. If you like the ‘do, please, feel free to pin this effortless Hair Tutorial in Pinterest, and thanks for reading!
hairstyle with braided bangs tutorial