How To: Glazed Curls for a Round Face

There’s an opinion that medium length curly hairstyles are unflattering for a round face, because they create excessive volume on the sides of your face. In reality the properly done curls that shape the elongated silhouette of your hairstyle can present your face shape in the best light. That’s why this time we have prepared a very special curly downdo that you can style with hair irons and look ravishing, whenever you opt to sport your chic glazed curls.

Added luster for hair is something any girl would love to achieve. There are special commercial products, boosting the shine of your locks, but you can also achieve it if curling your hair with ceramic plated hair irons. It’s unbelievable: we didn’t use any shine enhancers, and look, what admirable shiny locks we have gained!

curly hairstyle for a round face

medium length curly hairstyle

One thing to remember when working with curling irons is usage of heat protection spray.

Glazed Curls For A Round Face – Step-By-Step Tutorial

Step1: Curling The Nape Section

Section out enough hair in the nape to shape the first row of curls and clip up the remaining locks, so that they do not get into the way, while your are working on your first curls. Curl the first outermost lock away from the face, holding the irons upside down. Curl the next lock the same way. Once you reach the approximate centre point, begin to curl the other side, away from the face towards the centre. As a result, we are getting the meeting point of the curls somewhere in the middle, and the curls tend to overlap.

how to make curls

shaping curls with flat irons

how to make curls with flat irons

curly hairstyle tutorial

making quick curls

how to make spiral curls

Step 2: Curling The Crown Section

The next rows are curled according to the same principle. But before you start working on the crown section, you may want to add some lift at the roots with backcombing or volumizing root boost spray, if you haven’t previously done the casual styling procedure with a blow-dryer and a round brush.

curls away from the face

curls styling

how to achieve beatiful curls

Step 3: Curling The Locks Of The Temple Sections And Front Locks

The locks of the temple sections are curled away from the face, same as the face-framing locks.

how to style curls

how to curl face-framing locks

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how to curl thin hair

Step 4: Stretching The Curls

Now you need to stretch your curls gently, guiding them away from the face (see the picture).

stretching curls

Step 5: Final Fixation

Use hair spray for final fixation to help your locks to hold a curl longer. Note that thick hair needs strong hold hair spray.

curly hairstyle final fixation

Now let’s view our lovely cascade of chestnut curls from different angles.

curly hairstyle for fat faces

a-line curly hairstyle for a round face

curls for a round face

I don’t know who can resist this beauty and temptation to rock cute glazed curls to work, to school or a romantic date night. When you style them in a sort of peek-a-boo, you achieve the universally flattering A-line silhouette that is the best option for a round face. As you see, there’s no excess volume on the sides of our model’s face. On the contrary, the curls feature vertical lines and offer the desired elongating effect. I hope you like the ‘do, so don’t forget to pin the tutorial in Pinterest, and good luck in your hair experiments! curly hairstyle for round face tutorial