How To: A-Line Hairstyle With Face-Framing Locks for Short Thin Hair

This adorable hairstyle looks extremely elegant and bears a light tint of vintage flair. It will be absolutely appropriate in all your chic classic looks where you need to appear statelier and particularly impressive. If you are a very young girl, this do may make you look a couple of years older (Our model is 22). So, if it’s your goal, feel free to adopt the idea. At the same time, ladies older than 25, are going to look and feel absolutely harmonious, wearing this shapely short downdo. It’s a type of hairstyle I refer to as “hair-to-hair” ‘dos. And you can see for yourself how the subtle beauty of its silhouette is being unveiled through the curvy face-framing lines.

hairstyle for short fine hair

short hairstyle for thin hair

The hairstyle is recommended for round and square faces. The side parting and curvy locks, covering the cheeks are concealing the width of broad faces, making them visually slimmer. And, certainly, ladies with oval face can opt for this ‘do without a second thought. So how to do it at home?

Short A-Line Hairstyle Step-By-Step Tutorial

Step 1: Correct Hair Sectioning

To achieve the quality styling of this exquisite hairstyle, you need to begin with sectioning of your locks. The right hair sectioning is the guarantee of your success, even if you are working on your hairstyle at home. how to section hair for styling

So, divide your head into the following 4 sections:

  • the nape section
  • crown U-shaped section (goes through the highest point of your head)
  • 2 temple sections, taking into account your natural parting (if you wear a centre parting, divide your locks in the centre;  with a side parting there’s, consequently, a shift to the right or to the left)

how to section your hair

how to hair sectioning

Step 2: Styling With A Blow-Dryer & Vented Round Brush

Begin to pull out your locks, when blow-drying, using a vented round brush. To execute this procedure properly, you need to begin from the edge line of the nape section and proceed step by step towards the crown. When you are blow-drying, the brush must mimic the curve of your head. In this case, you’ll achieve a quality voluminous hairstyle. how to style thin hair

blow-drying fine short hair

Step 3: Lock-By-Lock Styling For The Crown Section

Release the U-shaped section and blow-dry it according to the same principle lock-by-lock.

styling tips for fine short hair

how to pull out hair with a blow-dryer

Step 4: Styling Of The Face-Framing Locks

Then proceed to the temple sections. Curl the face-framing locks on the brush as you would do when curling your hair on a curler (see the picture). Heat the lock with the hot air flow and, to fix the result, process it with cool air. To process the locks with cool air flow, you need simply turn your blow-dryer upside down, as you see in the photo. BUT, Be careful! In case you are not using a professional blow-dryer, you can achieve the same effect, pressing the “cool air” button. Otherwise, your hair will get sucked into and tangled inside the appliance! how to style face-framing locks

how to style curls with a blow-dryer

how to blow dry thing hair

how to shape curls

easy curls shaping

how to style curls

styling for thin hair

Step 5: The Final Finish

The final stage is application of a styling product to fix all the locks and curls in place and maintain their shape. We used dry texturing hair spray for this particular spraying

Let’s see the result!

chic hairstyle for fine hair

elegant hairstyle for short thin hair

A-line hairstyle for short thin hair

Hope this instruction has turned out quite inspiring for you personally, and you’ll venture to recreate the hairstyle at home. If you like the result, please feel free to pin this Hair Tutorial in Pinterest in order to have it at hand. How To: A-Line Hairstyle for Short Thin Hair