How to Make a Headband Updo in 7 Easy Steps

Want to learn how to make a stylish wrapped updo with a headband in just a few minutes? The advantage of this hairstyle is that it is easy to do without any help from others. Here we have described 7 quick steps that will enhance your everyday hair routine.

Special Aspects of a Headband Updo

Such a hairstyle is suitable for absolutely everyone. Facial contours or hair color makes no difference. The minimum hair length shouldn’t be shorter than the shoulders. So the headband tuck will look complete and neat.

The universality of a headband updo is that it would go well for a formal occasion or a romantic summer walk around the city, for a date with a loved one or for a work get-together. This hairstyle usually takes only about 5-7 minutes to do.

Formal dress, physical fitness uniform or party frock; you can choose any clothes that lift your spirit. There is no need to use extravagant accessories not to overload the outfit. Look out—people won’t take their eyes off you!

For implementation, you will need a bandana, medium fixation hairspray and a dry texturizer for instant hair volume. The final outcome must be voluminous, so use the texturizer on clean hair. For a romantic evening, it is better to choose a headband in calm shades, and for a party, you can experiment with different bright colors. To fix the hairdo, it is better to choose a medium fixation spray, so the hair will have a fresh and well-groomed look. Make sure you use enough of the hair product, but avoid sticking spikes together.

Easy Headband Updo Step-By-Step

Prepare all the accessories and hair products mentioned above and let’s begin!

Step 1. Comb your hair. Start at the ends and gradually move up to the roots. Part your hair directly in the center. Use a texturizer for the volume. Spray it 10-15 centimeters away from the hair. The hair product will seal the hair tight and make it more manageable. And the volume is bound to last for hours!

How to Make a Wrapped Headband: Step 1

Step 2. Now grab any fashionable headband and put it on your head, covering it with the hair.

How to Make a Wrapped Headband: Step 2

Step 3. Select a small bunch of hair and twist it over the headband, so that it holds on well. Then follow this step 3-4 more times.

How to Make a Wrapped Headband: Step 3

Step 4. Follow previous step 3-4 more times. Do the same on the other side.

How to Make a Wrapped Headband: Step 4

Step 5. This is the look you should end up with, as a result. Make sure your hair is well affixed.

How to Make a Wrapped Headband: Step 5

Step 6. When everything is ready, drag the rest of the hair, one more time, over the hairband and leave it fixed there. Give the hairstyle a little shape.

How to Make a Wrapped Headband: Step 6

Step 7. Stylish look is ready! Fix everything with hair spray.

How to Make a Wrapped Headband: Step 7

Watch the step-by-step instructions in our video.

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