20 Stunning Haute Couture Styles to Inspire You

As much as hairstyles are meant to be practical, haute couture looks are more inspirational than functional. The world’s top hair stylists dream up fanciful creations that are mesmerizing on the runway and in magazines but may turn a few heads on the street—and not exactly in the way you might like. However, some styles are stunning in their wearable simplicity and when viewed with a more practical eye, can be translated into the perfect look for your next big event.

Maybe you’ve got a big interview coming up, a special party, or even your own wedding, and you’re feeling like trying out something new and fresh. Take out your flat iron, dust off your curling iron, and check out our favorite haute couture hairstyles below for some major creative inspiration.

#1: Wispy Wonder

A low chignon is always an elegant style for any woman. Lately, models in the magazines have been sporting the simple up-do with creative wisps framing the face and pulled from the crown. The look can be quite feminine and requires just a few tugs once your up-do is in place. Ambassador for Mastered hair and guest artist for ghd®, Pauline McCabe, created her own variation of this look.

#2: Not-So-Desperate Housewife

As the 50’s came to a close, women became a little freer, and so did their hair! Volume was the name of the game and this classic style is easy to achieve. Celebrity hair stylist, Rob Talty, knows the power of Brigitte Bardot’s signature look. Brush hot-curled hair out with a round brush. A little teasing will add volume for the half-up portion.

#3:Braided Crown

Stylist Guido Palau has been a powerful force in the hair world for years now, creating couture looks for the runway and fulfilling his role as global creative director for Redken. One of his most inspiring hairstyles, created for the Maison Valentino runway, is the ethereal braided crown. Show off your cheekbones and sparkle at your next big occasion with this couture look.

#4: Power Slick

Nothing says “I mean business” like an edgy, power slick. Toni&Guy’s artistic director, Cos Sakkas, brought the look to life for London fashion week but it’s unbelievably easy to achieve on your own—just add gel!

#5: Charmed Bun

Hair accessories are all the rage recently. Adding a few to a classic up-do is perfect for your next big event. Try wrapping the accessory around your hair before securing it, like this stunning up-do by hair stylist Sascha Breuer.

#6: Geometric Texture

For The V Files fashion show, stylist Eduardo Mella created mounds of texture with the models’ hair and cut it into geometric shapes. If you want to add some texture to your own locks or already have plenty to work with, then this inspiring hairstyle is within reach.

#7: Side-Swept Waves

A side part is nothing new, but a deep one is definitely an edgy look. Editorial stylist, Kelly Peach, knows if you want to show off a bold earring at your next big event, pump up the drama with a sweeping side part.

#8: Greek Goddess

Famed hair stylist, Sam McKnight, brought a touch of Greek romance to the Chanel runway show with a delicate half-up style adorned with a Grecian-inspired headband. Try the look yourself but keep your makeup to a minimum, or it will look too costumey. A swipe of mascara and a touch of lip stain should do the trick.

#9: Textured Side Part

Fashion houses like Prada are truly responsible for edging up the deep side part. By adding texture, Tel Aviv-based hair stylist, Guy Samuel, takes the look to a new level. A little teasing and some texturizing spray will help create the volume needed for this look.

#10: Sectioned Ponytail

Stylist Sirsa Ponciano, under the direction of Guido Palau, created this sectioned ponytail for a past Valentino runway show, but the look is timeless. Sleek and inspiring, you’re certain to impress at any upcoming special occasion.

#11: Retro Glamour

The 50’s may have been demure, but haute couture stylists understand the allure of rocking this couture look. Brushing out hot-rolled hair will help achieve this classic look.

#12: Tucked-Under Pony

Sascha Breuer strikes again, giving star Jaime King a slicked-back, tucked-under pony. Add a bold accessory like this silver band for a couture look that will shine at your next event.

#13: Perfectly Messy Updo

Top hair stylists use reliable products – modelling pastes and finishing sprays. Also they “design” separate hairs around the hairstyle to create extremely effortless, perfectly messy and ultra fashionable look.

#14: Piece-y Knot

Unless you’re a magician, you’ll likely need a professional for this one. But for a wedding or classy party, you’ll surely be the belle of the ball. Keep it piece-y around your face for a couture look.

#15: Bowed French Twist

For Oscar de la Renta’s bridal show, Guido Palau added a bow to the classic French twist for the ultimate haute couture look. Adorn your twist with a black or white bow to practically define chic.

#16: Sunglasses Hair

This couture look, like sunglasses left on your head, translates well to the streets! Simple makeup with straight hair adds lots of drama.

#17: Shapely Bob

Add classic Hollywood glamour to a bob the way celebrity stylist, Mara Roszak, did with Cara Delevingne’s hair. A little skill with a hot tool is all you need to achieve this couture look.

#18: Wet Crop

If you’ve got a pixie cut, dampening your bangs with gel adds a couture texture that is unparalleled.

#19: Black Ribbon Pom

This look, created by Sam McKnight for Chanel Haute Couture 2016, is more aspirational than practical. But you can bring a simplified version of this couture look to your next event with a beautiful, textured bun adorned with a trendy black ribbon.

#20: Twisted Ponytail

Stylist Christel Man knows the edgy allure of a twisted ponytail. Rock this couture look by slicking hair back or in a side part and twist, securing at the nape of the neck.

At least one of these styles are sure to impress at your next big event. Not only will your look be a cut above the rest thanks to the couture inspiration, you’ll also be feeling your absolute best. Which style is your favorite?