Top 5 Winter 2017 Hat Trends

Do you remember that sweet time, when your mom was forcing you to wear a hat in winter? And, of course, you did not do that kind of stuff. Only now we’ve understood how right our moms were!

Apart from being a sign of mother’s care, a stylish hat is a must-have accessory for any fashionista this season, but it is also very beneficial for your hair and sculp. Why? There are several reasons.

First and foremost, you should understand that winter is the most stressful period of the whole year for your mane. The mixture of cold air outside and central heating at home affects your hair so much. Have you ever noticed that even after a short winter walk with your hair flying in the wind, your strands become drier and weaker? But it is only one side of the problem. The other one is that your scalp suffers too, and that brings you quite a bit of unpleasant moments and tells on the quality of your hair. We don’t think that’s exactly what any woman wants to deal with regardless of the time of year. So, the main rule for this winter: never go outside without a hat! A good, stylish hat, of course!

How to Choose the Right Hat?

To tell the truth, choosing the best hat that will be stylish as well is a tough job. Here are some recommendations.

Let’s start with the material of the hat. Hats made of synthetic fibers are the worst choice. They don’t allow air to circulate around the scalp. Air just stays inside and causes the “Greenhouse effect”. It doesn’t sound very nice, does it?

So, you should always buy natural fiber head-dress. But, it is not as easy as it seems. If you decide to buy a virgin wool hat, you must be very careful. On the one hand, this kind of hats is very warm and comfortable, but on the other hand, it can cause greasy and bad-looking hair.

Well, what kind of hats is the best? We suggest wool blends that also include other natural fibers. These hats will let your head stay warm and won’t affect your hair.

The other tip is that your hat should be the right size. A hat that sits too tight will upset you with limp hair once your take it off. Plus, it also impedes air circulation – that kind of stuff we mentioned above.

As soon as you entered any building, it is a good idea to take your hat off to let your scalp ¨relax” and ¨breath¨. Moreover, it is definitely not the best idea to go outside with wet hair. You have to understand, that 15% of your hair contains water. As a result, it can also freeze! Therefore, your hair will become dry, brittle and lackluster.

Hope, we have convinced you to buy a new hat or at least wear one. To help you choose a new stylish hat we’ve made a little research, and now we have a list of “Top 5 winter 2017 hat trends”.

#1: Big Loop Knitted Hat

This adorable hat is on its peak. We swear, every fashionista has it! The chunky hat is not only very cute, but it is also the most comfortable and universal hat ever: you can wear it with an ordinary winter coat as well as a fur coat. The most popular colors of this big loop hat are red, white, nude, pink and blue. Do not miss the chance to look like a billion dollars this winter!

Big Loop Knitted Hat

Instagram / @rochperi

#2: Elegant Beret

A feminine beret will be an ideal hat for a woman, who loves elegant stuff. Originated in France, the beret is now popular all over the world and it’s a classic item that never looks dated. The most popular colors of berets are black, dark grey and red.

Elegant Beret

Instagram / @lnestyle

#3: Beanie Hat

At first glance, it is a very simple casual-looking hat, but it is one of the most popular hats nowadays. One more benefit, you can find it in almost all stores! The most fashionable colors this winter season are dark red, grey, and nudes.

Beanie Hat

Instagram / @loopymango

#4: “Animal” Hats

An “Animal” hat or hat with “ears” is the best choice for creative females as well as children. Be sure: these cute hats won’t go unnoticed!

Animal Hats

Instagram / @izabmixie

Animal Hats

Instagram / @lisatellbe

#5: PomPom Hat

Despite the fact that these hats were popular the last winter season, they are still in! The main benefit of these hats is that they are fun and look awesome in every color. Just be imaginative!

Pompom Hat

Instagram / @xeniaoverdose

Pompom Hat

Instagram / @thetoppingtree

Still don’t know what color of hat to choose? Here we have some tips for blondes, brunettes and red-haired girls.

The color of a hat is an extremely important issue, as it should be in harmony with your skin tone and hair color. We strongly recommend brunettes to wear bright-colored hats like red or bright pink. These colors will add a fresh touch to your look. Red-haired women look awesome in green, dark-grey and dark-blue hats. The color contrast will catch a lot of excited eyes! For blondes, light blue, pale pink and nude hats are the most successful color choices.

Well, we hope this article was useful. Stay warm this winter. Stay positive. Stay happy. Looking forward to seeing you on our web-site again!