10 Cute and Easy Workout Hairstyles for Different Hair Lengths

Finding the energy and motivation to just make it to the gym nowadays can be difficult enough, especially if you don’t want to look like you just rolled out of bed. Try the quick and easy workout hairstyles below to get you on track and looking more pulled together than you might feel starting out.

#1: Messy Low Bun

Buns work great on day old hair and can be accomplished in seconds. Take a messy bun, for example. No need to painstakingly polish stray strands with smoothing balms and excessive hair spray. The looser and more casually thrown together, the better for this look. Try a low bun near the nape of the neck with strands tucked and twisted at different tensions.

low messy bun

Photo Credit: Pixabay

#2: Unpolished Top Knot

Another great idea among cute gym hairstyles is the bun, coiled around the crown of the head. This option will leave you looking cute and sporty ready to take on your next workout without sacrificing your time for appearance. Moreover, the top knot keeps strands off your face and shoulders for cool down. Just be sure to fix everything with a lot of bobby pins.

messy top knot

Instagram / @reneesomerfield

#3: Braided Workout Bun

Breathe new life into a tired braid by wrapping it up into a neat bun. Choose your favorite position for it — at the nape, on one of the sides or at the top of the head, depending on the type of physical activity you are going to do. The ideal ‘I don’t sweat, I sparkle’ look.

high braided bun

Instagram / @holistichabits

#4: Medium Hair Twisted Bun

Not enough bun ideas? Go for this wet look slick hair bun. It is perfect after you hit the showers post a hard workout at the gym and comfortable for any hair length. Release for curly hair effect after hair dries.

#5: Easy Looped Ponytail

Classic ponytail style won’t let you down when you need it most during a final rep of that sweaty workout. Easily transition hair to a high pony for a playful trendy look with second-day hair. Or smooth sleek strands back into a low pony to keep hair out of the way and your focus on your fitness. Our suggestion is to stop half way the last time you tie the elastic. You will get a loose loop bun.

#6: Sporty Bubble Ponytail

To spruce up an average looking pony for running, cycling or any other training, try the bubble effect by adding extra hair elastics along the length of the tail. Get the most out of your cardio now!

blonde bubble pony

Instagram / @lisaclayton77

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#7: Short Workout Hair

If your hair is short, it doesn’t mean the elastic athletic headband is your only savior. Look at these cornrows. They are super-stylish and don’t need any special braiding skills. There are a plenty of braided ideas for short hair too. You just have to be ready for new beauty experiments.

short workout style with braids

Instagram / @flowwfrisor

#8: Practical Boxer Braids

Though not the quickest or easiest of workout hairstyles, we are obsessed with this sporty look seen on celebs like Hailey Baldwin and every Kardashian sister. Perfect for yoga practices, as you may do all headstands imaginable, everything will be in place. If you’re short on volume, consider throwing in extensions to bulk up and lengthen this head turning tough statement style.

boxer braids

Instagram / @starcuts_

#9: Long Fishtail Braid

To keep pesky stray hairs in place, try your hand (or elicit the help of a better-qualified friend with steady hands) at a fishtail braid. This inverted style is great for long hair that tends to find its way out of whatever style you wrestle it into.

fishtail braid

Instagram / @ria_johnson

#10: Intricate Updos

Styles for working out can be seen ranging from messy buns and half-up pony braids to intricate heart-shaped designs. This one may be a good fit for PE classes. Physical exercises will be even more fun with such a girlish hairstyle!

heart shaped bun

Instagram / @michaelduenas

If all else fails and you need to save your motivation, time, arm strength, and coordination on actually making it to the gym — take a page out of celebrity trainer Jillian Michael’s book and throw on a knit hat to hide the bedhead. You’ve got this!

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