Hair Trends to Die for in 2017

To be different is one of the essential women’s needs in the modern life. We can neither wear the same outfit every day, nor style our hair the same way or dye it the same color every time we book an appointment in a salon. That’s why being aware of hair and fashion trends is not just useful, but truly exciting for most women of any age. Let’s look into some hair color innovations, new color combos, cool updates of the classic hairstyles and fresh ways to style your hair in 2017!

#1: Succulent Hair Grabs Hold of Style World by Roots

When did you ever think you’d live in a time where you’d be able to take a picture of your favorite plant and ask your hair stylist to try to replicate the colors? I didn’t think this would ever happen, but I’m glad it has. Because it’s resulted in some of the most beautiful and enchanting hair I’ve ever seen. This hair trend could only appear because nature inspires us with amazing colors, and that makes it even more bewitching!


#2: Deep Down We are Unicorns with Rainbow Hair

When I was younger and people used to ask me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I wish I could change the answer from a veterinarian to a girl with rainbow hair. We’ve seen a variety of different types of unicorn hair, but here is a style that will be seen everywhere in 2017. The rainbow hair that legitimately looks like it came straight from the sky to sprinkle a little magic into your life. One of the interesting aspects of rainbow hair is the variety of ways it can change the perception of color depending on the style you’re wearing.


#3: Sleek Ponytail Knows No Limits

No one flaunts a high ponytail quite as fabulous as Ariana Grande—and that’s probably why we love her so much. This has become her signature look and she’s played around quite a bit with different lengths, textures and even colors. One thing is for sure though; this easy go-to hair trend has people asking why it wasn’t made popular sooner.


#4: Flip Over the Hair Flip

Vanessa Kirby is stunningly beautiful in an effortless way, which is why it would make complete sense for her to wear the simple hair flip style to the SAGA awards. She takes the trendy hair flip and makes it look formal, but you can wear this style anywhere with its casual appeal. If you’ve been paying attention you’ve noticed that tons of celebs are flipping over this new trend. It’s an easy and efficient way to get that “I woke up like this” look.


#5: Bronde Hair, Don’t Care

The bronde hair movement is perfect for those really indecisive moments in life—you know when you just can’t choose between hair colors so you end up with both. It’s not quite like highlights though, although some celebs have picked to go that route, but it’s more like a natural fade into a lighter color. It looks amazing on almost all skin tones and really works to highlight your facial features.


#6: Make Way for Royal Aspirations with Bow Up-Do

This trend is on point with the release of Beauty and the Beast just a month away. It’s a pretty simple partial up-do that anyone can achieve with a few bobby pins, a curling iron, a hair tie and patience. It gives you that Disney princess look that you’ve always wanted without having to live with an evil stepmother or be cursed to sleep until your true love comes to rescue you. This look may give you the ability and confidence to do your own rescuing.


#7: Dare to be Different with Blorange Hair

I’d call this color trend a pretty close cousin to the rose gold shade that people adored, even with all of its upkeep and maintenance. I think this color definitely screams springtime with its peach and orange tones. It’s a cute hair color that will be instantly eye-catching this year, and if you’re brave, you should consider trying it as well.


#8: Shine Bright like a Diamond with Neon Glow-in-the-Dark Hair

If you really want to stand out in the crowd, then this should be your go-to look. It’s inspired a number of celebrities to ditch the boring and try something drastic. Guy Tang started the trend with his glowing Phoenix hair color that was a vibrant orange red, and when the lights went off, the look became even more dazzling.


#9: Green Isn’t Just for Environmental Issues

Green hair seems to fill us with envy this year. The mermaid look and the quirk of green hair aren’t for everyone but with the sudden rise in activism and protesting; maybe, green dye will find its popularity and rise again in the fashion world. I hope that if you’re fighting for human rights and injustice that you’ll want to sport a chic hairstyle that matches your passion for going green. I adore this particular emerald balayage, just in case you don’t want to go overboard with the green dye.


#10: You Might be Seeing Double, Messy Buns

Maybe we’re all just trying to reach deep inside to find our hidden Princess Leia—who actually turns out to be a grown-up female heroine as General Organa. I have always adored this style, and I’ve seen it making a come-back in the fashion world, especially with the pretty dye colors that have taken the industry by storm. This look pulls at our innocent heartstrings because we’re all young at heart.


#11: Maroon Madness and Red Hair are Majestic

I absolutely adore red hair because it’s so vibrant and lustrous looking. It does fade rather rapidly, but it’s one of those colors that no matter what you’re doing you’re bound to turn heads. The colors that will be trendy this year seem to range from fiery phoenix red to deep maroon and everything in between. If you’re looking for a color as passionate as your personality—then red is the way to go.


#12: Pastel Colors are the Real Definition of Perfection

Pastel hair looks amazing on people with lighter skin tones and gives them a glowing, youthful look, which is why you’ll see this trend all over the fashion industry in 2017. I can’t even tell you the number of ways the pastel trend has made hair color fun and playful. There’s a variety of colors to choose from ranging from blues to pinks, so you’re unlikely to get bored and you can go all-over with color or just add a bit of glamour if you’re not feeling too daring.


Well, some of these trends are quite eccentric while others can be worn even to the office. So, how daring are you? After all, why not to pick something completely new and mind-blowing now when it’s the best time for it?