Hair Ribbon Trend and How to Adopt It in Real Life

Hair ribbon was undoubtedly the biggest hair trend from the Fall 2017 runways. From Rochas to Marchesa, Temperley London and Tory Burch, lead stylists adorned braids, low ponytails, and half-up styles with a black hair ribbon. Because so many well-known fashion houses put a ribbon in hair to complete their looks, it’s easy to imagine this trend as a new and fresh idea. However, decorating hair with ribbon to make a statement has been a part of history far more than we even realize.

With the popularity of over-the-top dress in 18th century Europe came a big moment for wigs- especially on men! They were the first to adopt the ribbon and adorn towering hair with large bows.

Popular culture embraced the hair ribbon in a more sensual way through French ’60’s style, the most popular purveyor of ribbon hairstyles being Brigitte Bardot. Surrounded by her undeniably sensual beauty, the hair ribbon often found tucked around her boufant or sweetly tied around double braids added an element of intrigue to her look.

Even Madonna made a subtle statement by haphazardly tying a hair ribbon around her wild curls, also throwing out the idea that hair ribbons are only for the sweet and demure.

Even in the past year, the black ribbon has made a huge comeback in terms of the choker. The Oscars was packed full of this tight black bands around the neck, often accompanied by draping pieces down the chest. However, the black ribbon has never been more fresh once reimagined for hair accessories. If any place is a good indication of what is to come in the cool department, it’s the runway.

Now that the hair ribbon has once again returned to the main stage of accessory expression, there are dozens of ways to incorporate the most versatile of current hair trends into your own personal style. Any color hair ribbon will do, but the most noted color to hit the runways from New York to Paris was black. Philosophy took it a step further for their runway show and tied models’ hair with a rich, velvety ribbon.

Below are some of the most popular hair ribbon styles. Each one is simple, easy to do, and beautiful on everyone. That is the true beauty of this look: its versatility!

#1: Headband

Take a cue from Blair Waldorf and rock a ribbon as a headband. Double braids roped into a chignon with a few wispy pieces in front is a fresh take on the black ribbon trend that will surely have you standing out in the crowd.

#2: Low Ponytail

Take a low ponytail from basic to elegant by adding a ribbon around your hair tie. Smooth hair around the nape of your neck and tie with a ribbon in black or rich velvet as it was done at Philosophy’s Fall/Winter show.

Kick that low pony up a notch by not looping the hair all the way through. This tear drop bun was netted backstage at Rochas a few weeks ago, a style perfect for a dressy occasion. Of course, the look is not complete without a perfect black bow fastened just above the knot. Cover the knot with the ribbon if you can’t get the hair to look smooth and stay secure.

#3: Braids

The black ribbon trend makes a beautiful hair accessory for braids. Simply tie one on the end of a loose braid like Emily Ratajkowski to effortlessly incorporate a black ribbon into your look. Leaving a few pieces of hair loose in the front can take this style from cute to sexy.

#4: Half-up

Incorporating a silky black ribbon into a half-up hair style is a beautiful, romantic way to rock this trend. Simply secure where hair is tied with a ribbon or up the intricacy with a braided ribbon moment. To achieve, take two small-sized portions of hair around the front of your face. From this, secure ribbon to two smaller pieces on the under side of each portion. Next, either alternate braiding with hair and ribbon or just add ribbon to one section of the braid and continue braiding as you normally would. Once your pieces touch at the back of your head, secure with a hair tie and tie a simple bow with the excess ribbon.

For this half-up look, the black ribbon can still be worn as a headband. Lead hair stylist for the Temperley London Fall/Winter 2017 show Antonio Corral Calero shows us exactly how this look is created. Take two front pieces of hair and swoop them to the back, securing at a side angle. Then wrap a black ribbon from the crown of your head around to the nape of your neck and tie as a bow.

#5: High Ponytail

Try a more minimalistic approach to the black ribbon by tying up a high pony tail for a classic look. Hair stylist Laura Polko used the trend to cover the regular elastic band used to create this up-do. After pulling up hair, wrap a strand of black ribbon around your ponytail and fasten with a bobby pin or stick pin or tuck in the loose end underneath.

#6: Sweet Ponytail

Inspire your inner Sandy (from Greece) and try out a sweeter black ribbon style. Stars like supermodel Karlie Kloss and Mandy Moore have both sported a ponytail tied with a tiny ribbon. It’s a great way to draw attention to your fresh face while still keeping it trendy and cool.

The next time you feel tempted to make a choker out of your black ribbon, give it a try in your gorgeous hair. There are so many ways to wear this trend- literally dozens of beautiful ribbon hairstyles. Whether you’re feeling sporty, classic, elegant, poetic, or even a little lazy, accessorizing with a black hair ribbon is simple and easy. Not to mention the fact that you probably already have some ribbon lying around your house! Even if you don’t, it only costs a few dollars from the fabric store to pick up a spool. So what do you say, will you give this style a try?