Hair Rehab: Give Your Hair a Break with These Rejuvenating Tricks

Sometimes we overdo it, finding ourselves in situations where we aren’t treating our bodies as well as we could. The same goes for our hair. The effects of highlights, hot tools and daily wear&tear can add up, and leave your hair in desperate need for some serious rehabilitation. While we know that it isn’t realistic to abide by all of these healthy hair commandments, try to incorporate a few of them into your daily routine to start your journey to the ultimate hair restoration.

Snip, Snip

We have all seen the commercials showing vivid illustrations of miracle-working products that will seal even the most damaged split ends. As convincing as these may be, there is some damage that simply can’t be reversed with the priciest products. The road to recovery starts with a clean slate, so take the plunge and trim off the dead ends that hold you back from shiny, healthy hair. Avoid a massive chop by visiting your stylist every 8-12 weeks for a routine trim.

Use a Hair Mask

Sometimes your hair needs a little extra oomph to help it recover, no matter how good you are to it. Hair treatment masks are fortified specifically to help heal damaged, dull and lifeless hair. If you aren’t sure which product to try, check our list of best drugstore hair masks for all hair types. Remember that the thicker the mask, the more nourishing it will be. Those with fine hair proceed with caution with super thick, creamy masks, as they can leave your hair greasy and weighed down. Avoid this outcome by applying a product only from mid-shaft to ends. Are you more into the au naturel approach? Slather on some coconut oil, pop on a shower cap and let it work its magic overnight. Rinse it out in the morning, and you are on your way to recovery.

Sweat it Out

Everyone knows that exercising is a great way to keep your body healthy and happy, but it can also have positive effects on your hair. Workouts increase circulation and bring fresh, oxygenated blood to your entire body, including your scalp! Just make sure not to tie your ponytail too tight, which can lead to breakage. If you are worried about pesky flyaways getting in your face, slip on a headband to keep them at bay and protect your strands at the same time.

Stock Your Product Arsenal

While hair treatment masks serve as a solid foundation to hair recovery, there are many other products that you should include to help rejuvenate your hair. Heat-protecting serums and blow dry sprays are imperative when using any sort of hot tools. There are many products on the market that can protect up to 450 degrees, and as an added bonus they boost up shine—talk about a two-for-one! Leave-in treatments are another option to give your locks a little extra love. Look for a formula containing keratin and amino acids to help replace lost proteins and rebuild strands.

Lay Off the Hot Tools

Even though you’ve been protecting and priming with heat protectors and smoothing serums, you can’t avoid the damage from hot tools completely. While your curling iron may be your go-to styling tool, it can also serve as your worst enemy because it strips the strands of moisture and leaves them brittle and more easily damaged. If you can’t stand to be without a little wave, try French braiding wet hair before you go to bed and sleep in braids overnight. When you wake up the next morning, you’ll have wavy locks without any residual heat damage. If you can’t be without your blow dryer, try to let your hair air dry as much as possible before turning it on. This way you’ll minimize your usage time, but still gain the added volume and sleekness that can come only from using heat.

Skip the Salon

It goes without saying that coloring your hair is one of the most damaging things that you can do to your strands. Give your hair a break by spending a little bit of time away from your salon. If you aren’t willing to completely cut off your colorist, try cutting back on the amount of dye going onto your head. If you normally get full highlights, try switching between a partial head and a full head at each appointment. Ombres and intentionally grown-out roots will be huge in 2018, so what’s a better time than now to give you hair a little bit of a vacation from color?

Treat Your Scalp

Any successful product comes from a good foundation. You wouldn’t try to grow flowers in a toxic wasteland, right? So, why would you try to grow healthy, strong hair from a weak, unhealthy scalp? Brushing your hair daily is an easy way to give a little TLC to your scalp. For the days you’re feeling a little more motivated or have some extra time on your hands, try massaging your scalp in firm, circular motions to help increase blood circulation and promote hair growth.

Stay out of the Sun

Just like too much fun in the sun can seriously harm your skin, it can also affect your hair. Overexposure to the sun can lead to unwanted brassy pigments and strip the hair shaft of its moisture, leaving your locks lackluster and brittle. Because the scalp serves as the home base for your hair, it is important to make sure that it is hydrated, healthy and most of all, not sunburnt. Invest in a hair sunscreen to keep your scalp protected from harmful UV rays. If you want to steer clear of using products, throw on your favorite hat the next time you leave the house and your hair will thank you.