Top 15 Hair Hacks That Really Work

The beauty blogosphere is packed with all sorts of tips and recommendations, but it is still difficult to find reliable information and proven hair care methods gathered together. So, we decided to analyze all suggestions concerning hair care and hair styling to choose really effective hacks that can help you to look even more awesome. Keep scrolling and you’ll know all the secrets!

#1: Tea Instead of Hairspray

If your hair is dark, make a strong black tea infusion (2 spoons of tea leaves for 1 cup of cleared water), pour it into a spray bottle and use this liquid instead of your usual hairspray. For blonde hair, it’s better to make green or chamomile tea. Proved: it really works. Fixation is not so strong, but quite acceptable for casual hairstyles. Moreover, this method is much healthier.

#2: Eye Shadow Can Make Your Hair Look Thicker

Very often our hair looks thin and miserable because the scalp becomes visible. It can happen with 2nd or 3rd day hair, depending on how soon your hair gets greasy. Here’s a quick fix. Just fill in the parting with matt shadow (choose the color carefully depending on your hair tone). It’s a perfect hack for finishing your evening hairstyle if you want your hair to look denser in the roots.

#3: Fast Waves for Busy Ladies

If you have no time before going out, remember this easy hair hack! Just make a couple of braids and use your flat iron on them. You’ll get effortless and natural boho chic waves, and that’s a perfect solution for any case.

#4: Reduce Your Hair Washing Time

If you’re a strange girl who hates spending too much time in the bathroom (or a busy one), the idea of simultaneous shampooing and conditioning was created personally for you. Apply shampoo on your roots, where all the grease accumulates, and at the same time coat the rest of your hair with conditioner (all in all, it shouldn’t go on roots). So, you can save your time rinsing both shampoo and conditioner at once.

#5: Cool Air for Cool Hair

Everyone has heard about it, but nobody follows such a basic rule. Setting a blow dryer to the cool mode really helps to avoid damages and split ends. You can even stick a reminder on a bath mirror, because this life hack can literally save your hair.

#6: Cold Water for Shine

Your grandma probably knows this easy and efficient trick. After washing your hair, try to rinse it with cold water (you can add some lemon juice for a greater effect along the length avoiding roots.) This hack was created to make your hair look shinier and stronger.

#7: Use Hair Clips for Ponytail Volume

Your ponytail looks too sad and trivial? There’s one small secret. Just insert one or two clips underneath the top section of the ponytail, and you’ll get awesome Hollywood volume for casual style and parties. It’s desirable to use hair clips of the same color as your hair in order to cheat properly.

#8: Face Cream Can Prevent Dry and Split Ends

There are so many different products for split ends, but if you have no time or no money to buy them, you can always use your normal moisturizing face cream. Also it is the perfect application of cream that is not suitable for your face. Remember that it’s just a preventive procedure. To have really healthy hair ends, have them cut every 1-2 months.

#9: Throw Your Elastics and Rubber Bands Away

Yes, it sounds cruel. But you should know that elastics and rubber bands cause hair loss and noticeable dents. Instead, you can opt for top knots, buns and braids to protect your hair and look more elegant. Check out this video tutorial and learn how to braid without elastics. Actually, there are many ways to avoid using unwanted hair accessories.

#10: What About Henna?

Try to use henna for coloring and strengthening, and you’ll be surprised with its effect. If you don’t want this permanent red shade on your hair, just buy colorless henna. After the mask (you can even leave it for all night), try to maximally moisturize your hair with any conditioner or balm. Women use this method for centuries, so join this fantastic beauty tradition!

#11: Baby Powder Instead of Dry Shampoo

When you feel and see your roots getting greasy, dust some baby powder on them with a big makeup brush. The effect will surprise you. No excess grease, no need to wash your hair immediately – powder works just like a professional dry shampoo!

#12: Use a Toothbrush to Cope with “Baby Hairs”

If you don’t include small baby hairs into your plans for tonight and want to make a perfect ponytail, take a new toothbrush (not your boyfriend’s one) and sprinkle its bristles with any hairspray (preferably a strong hold one). Then carefully brush over your baby hairs, and they’ll surely become much more manageable.

#13: Try Selective Washing if You’re in a Hurry

It takes a couple of minutes to wash only bangs or the greasiest portion of hair at the crown to refresh the whole hairstyle and literally save your day. Another minute for blow drying, and you’ll get what you need.

#14: Baking Soda Guarantees 2 Extra Days between Washes

Do you dream about washing your hair less frequently? Just add a pinch of baking soda to your usual amount of shampoo. It will make your hair super clean and you’ll forget about your time-consuming every day washes.

#15: Join the Coconut Oil Hair Care Club

Yeah, we have already got bored of obsession with coconut oil among celebrities, beauty bloggers and mere mortals. But instead of tedious hair treatments, we suggest taking all from coconut oil here and now. You can use it as a flyaway handler or a quick solution for split ends.

Hopefully, these small secrets will help you to improve your daily hair care and styling. Try a few of them today and enjoy immediate benefits!