5 Myths About Hair Coloring – Infographic

We are women, and we love everything new! Changes are a part of our nature, and it is normal to think about a new hairstyle from time to time. Coloring can be a total makeover for us! Take notice that telling someone that you’re going to dye your hair can be responded with a long monologue about how dangerous it can be. We often believe in hair-dyeing myths that are actually far from the truth. Do you want to know what is real about hair coloring? Look through our article, and you will see nothing, but the plain truth.

Myths About Hair Coloring

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# Myth 1: Dyes Cause Hair Loss

Truth: There is always a little fear that after coloring your hair will start to fall out terribly. According to different researches hair loss is the result of internal processes in the body. The lack of vitamins, poor diet, bad habits like smoking, hormonal disruptions, a lot of stress – all of these factors can cause a serious loss of hair. So, natural or dyed, hair is prone to breakage. Your hair won’t fall out just because of coloring if it was done professionally and you regularly take care of your hair. There are some risks with bleaching hair if you (or your amateurish master) leave a dye in your hair longer than recommended. In this case your hair simply “burns away” with no chance to recover, which brings us to the next myth about home coloring.

Myth #2: At-Home Coloring Is as Good as Salon One

Truth: That’s not true at all. There is a tiny possibility that, having no experience, you will color your hair properly at home, so, it’s better to play it safe. Firstly, professionals do not recommend experimenting with hair dyeing at home. Only a qualified specialist will be able to help you. They will examine the condition of your strands. In case they are damaged, your master will pick up a high-quality product to nourish and moisturize your hair. Secondly, home coloring may cause serious hair loss or such unpleasant consequences as yellow, orange or green hair. A salon master will choose for you the most suitable products, depending on your hair type and hair condition. Also, a professional colorist can suggest a softer coloring option to fulfill your desire with minimal impact on the quality of your hair.

Myth #3: All Dyes Make Your Hair Straw-Like

Truth: The type of hair-dye you use is really important. For example, permanent dyes and bleaches cause dryness of the scalp and hair. However, semi-permanent colors are gentler for hair and cause less damage. I have been using semi-permanent hair colors for a while now, and my hair doesn’t look dry or damaged. Furthermore, right after coloring my hair is full of shine and softness. Unfortunately, few years back I experimented with highlights (which were done by bleaching), and my hair was extremely dry and straw-like. So, now I choose only ammonia-free, semi-permanent hair colors.

Myth #4: It’s Not Safe to Dye Hair During Pregnancy

Truth: This is still a pending question, but a pregnant woman really shouldn’t apply a color to her scalp. This is due to the fact that minuscule amount of color gets into the woman’s blood stream, which can cause harm for the unborn child. Fortunately, you can always choose a different painting technique, for example balayage or ombre. In this case, color isn’t applied directly to the scalp. Also, there are semi permanent, ammonia-free colors that don’t contain dangerous ingredients. Note, while you are pregnant, it is better to consult your doctor before making any decision.

Myth #5: Color Safe Shampoos Prevent Color Fade

Truth: It’s a shame that your hair color investments can be literally washed down by your hair care products! A plethora of shampoos contain sulfates and harsh detergents that can wash off your color. Do you want to know the main secret of how to keep color longer? Stop washing your hair so often. Try shampooing not every day, but once per 2-3 days. Besides, you can use organic homemade masks and shampoos instead of commercial hair care products.

So, we’ve just busted the most annoying hair-dyeing myths on earth. All you need to know about hair dying process is here:

– Your hair won’t fall out if it was colored properly.

– Play it safe when this is about your hair! It’s better to overpay for a good dyeing at a salon, than lose your hair in attempts to do home coloring.

– To prevent straw-like hair after coloring, consult your hairdresser about color products, and choose the best one for your hair type.

– For pregnant women it is important to use painting techniques that do not apply dyes directly to the scalp.

– If you wash your hair too often, your color will fade even if you use a color safe, sulfate free shampoo.

– If you want to dye hair, just do it! And remember, at a salon you can always find a qualified master, who will recommend the best solution for your hair.