Welcome to the Future: 6 Hair Apps to Install Now

You want to bring a photo of Emma Stone to your stylist, but you’re not sure her cut will flatter your face. You think you’re ready to take the leap to brilliant blonde or lovely lavender locks, but you’re afraid of the commitment. You’d love to achieve the perfect updo for prom, but you’ve never done one before.

What do you do?

These hair styler apps are a virtual commitment-free way to experiment with cuts and colors. They also offer up inspiration and help you track your favorite products and styles. Welcome to the future!

#1: Hair Color Booth

Commitment-phobes rejoice: Hair Color Booth is a hair color app that allows you to try out all those wild colors you’ve been eyeing on Instagram without a trip to the salon. The free app by Bluebear Technologies is available on iPhone. To color your hair in the app, upload a photo from your phone, use the brush to paint over your hair, and then select from a range of vibrant colors, including purple, blue, and pink.

You can purchase additional colors in the app or share your photos on Instagram and Twitter to unlock the colors. This hair color simulator also allows you to try out different color streaks at the same time. Whether you’re trying out a color before the hair dying process, or you’ve just always wanted to know what you’d look like with rock star blue hair, this hair color changer is a lot of fun!

#2: Hair Journal

There are times I hate to admit, but we all get that grass-is-always-greener hair itch. Sometimes we convince ourselves we really did have more fun as a blonde. We’ve had just enough time as a brunette to forget about those dark roots we were always battling. We convince ourselves we really do want bangs again, despite the months we spent pinning them back with bobby pins and lamenting their slow growth. Hair Journal is the cure.

This hair app helps users track their hair growth through pictures and set goals for haircare. You can also log personal reviews of hair products, watch haircare YouTube videos in the app and chat with other hair enthusiasts in the Facebook community. Whether you’re growing out a pixie cut and just need a reminder that, yes, it is actually getting longer, or you want to analyze how your hair is responding to the no-shampoo method, Hair Journal is the perfect way to keep track. Hair Journal has a free version in the iTunes store or you can upgrade to Hair Journal Pro for 99 cents on iTunes or Google Play.

#3: Tress

Naturalistas looking for a hair app full of amazing natural styles will love Tress. The inspirational hairstyle app was created by software entrepreneurs Priscilla Hazel, Cassandra Safro and Esther Olatunde, and is similar in appearance to Instagram. The major important difference: Tress is entirely devoted to black women around the world sharing their hairstyles and getting inspiration from other members.

Tress also makes it easier than ever to create a look at home; the app encourages members to describe the hair products they used, spill their favorite hair secrets, give tutorials and share their favorite salons. Tress is available for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play.

#4: Hairstyles by ModiFace

Have you ever wondered what you’d look like with Carrie Underwood’s cascading blonde locks or Khloe Kardashian’s sleek raven-colored style? Hairstyles by ModiFace lets you virtually try on hairstyles worn by celebrities. ModiFace has made a name for itself in the app world as the go-to app for trying out virtual makeup and their haircut app is no less fun. Upload a photo of yourself, trace the outline of your face and try on dozens of cuts, colors and styles for free.

You can also make in-app purchases to expand your options. Next time you bring a celebrity photo to your hairstylist, you’ll know the cut will actually look fantastic on you.

#5: Hair Tutorial

If you’re tired of falling down YouTube hair tutorial black holes, this extensive app is perfect for you. Hair Tutorial by Iphrack Inc. curates over 600 hair tutorial videos by online hair specialists and makes it easy to search by length, style, at-home tools and occasion. If you’re looking for the perfect prom hairstyle, this app boasts hundreds of tutorials for messy updos, sleek buns and Dutch-braided updos. For an everyday hairstyle, try easy waves or fishtail braids.

The app will also help you steal your favorite celebrity looks, offering options from a Kim Kardashian-inspired high ponytail to sultry sixties waves in the style of Brigitte Bardot. Search the tags for specific styles and save your favorite tutorials for later. Hair Tutorial is available through the iTunes app store.

#6: Kérastase Hair Coach Powered by Withings

There are apps to track diet, physical activity, quality of sleep and so much more about your health. Why not track the health of your hair too? Kérastase Hair Coach is an exciting app coming in Fall 2017—but it’s so much more than a download for your phone. Kérastase Hair Coach works in tandem with a battery-powered splash-proof brush for a variety of hair types.

The lightweight brush has boar’s hair and nylon bristles but all the action is really happening inside. The high-tech brush comes equipped with a microphone and conductivity censors that provide insight into the fizziness, dryness, split ends, and breakage of your hair. Your brushing patterns are also uploaded to the app, so you can find out if your pressure and number of brush strokes are right for your hair’s health. The app then offers personalized advice after each use of the brush, offering the best products, habits and tips to keep your hair at its most radiant. Be the first to know when this amazing hair app hits the market by signing up for email updates on the Kérastase Hair Coach website.

All these amazing apps are saving us from unflattering cuts, and inspiring us to try something new with our hair. Which hair apps have you tried? Which app is your favorite?