The Best of Geode Hair and How to Achieve It

The biggest and brightest new hair trend has finally arrived, and it’s just in time for summer and festival season! Search no longer for amazing hair color ideas because the geode hair trend is here and trust us: it is nothing short of amazing!


Inspired by the natural beauty of geodes and crystals, these hair color trends are the perfect way to have a little fun with your hair and incorporate some color, regardless of your hair color and style. From blondes to brunettes and redheads, the geode trend can work for literally everyone! Add some color and embrace the beautiful, earthy tones.

The look really began awhile back in other beauty departments. You may have seen the geode trend on Instagram with nail and beauty art. Trendy gals have been rocking pretty tips and sparkling geode lips for some time now.

Now, adding pops of gemstone to your natural hair color is all the rage. The best part about this trend is it’s versatility and flexibility! Choose any color or combination of color and rock smokey blue hair, rose quartz locks or any combination of geode tones you desire. Most hair stylists can help you get that lusted after unicorn hair, but it’s stylist Cherin Choi, an L.A. based colorist, who is truly responsible for pioneering the look.

How to Achieve

Choi told Refinery 29 exactly how she does the process. Creating this look on your own is pretty simple or your stylist can give you the full salon treatment and save you some hassle. As Choi tells it, the hair base first has to be lightened from the bottom up, avoiding the roots. The same process used to bleach hair is applied here, but fortunately hair doesn’t have to be fully bleached for this look to be achieved. Your hair just needs to be lightened one or two shades to properly absorb the gemstone hair color.

If you’re going to mimic the classic amethyst geode color, the purple hair dye is applied to the midsections of hair. After, more bluish tones are applied to the tips. This guideline can be applied to any color combination or spectrum you choose.

When applying the dye yourself, be sure to blend the colors well for a seamless effect. You can use a brush but don’t be afraid to get your (gloved) hands into hair to make the fade between colors natural: just like a real sparkling geode!

Celebrity Style

Fashion model Chloe Norgaard was a pioneer in her own right in the rainbow hair department. She has been changing her hair color from one vibrant tone to the next for years, sometimes sporting dozens of colors at once. In fact, it’s her geode hair that launched her career and set her apart from all of the other models competing for big fashion shows and campaigns. Her fearless sense of style has been an inspiration for hair and beauty stylists alike.

Hair stylist Sean Godard was able to give Chloe a perfect blue geode look for their Redken campaign. The photo below pictures Chloe with Adam Synd, the art director of Redken.

Kelly Osbourne has also famously rocked a lighter, lavender geode tone for some time now. Dozens of stars from Jourdan Dunn to trend maven Kylie Jenner have been seen sporting geode hair in a fresh, cool way.

Bold and fearless Katy Perry has never been one to shy away from a bit of color. Vibrant geode tones bring out the playful aspect of her personality.

All-Over Glam

For the girls who aren’t afraid to go bold, plunge right in with all-over geode color!

Nature can be super glamorous and bright. Get inspired!

Ready for sweeping changes?

Try Ombre

The most popular way to rock geode hair has been with the beloved ombre style. Instead of lightening your tips a basic honey blonde or lighter tone, pick your favorite geode tones and go wild!

See how easy it is for brunettes to incorporate rich blues and purples? Blondes can rock it too, but the color change from your natural to vibrant will look less severe in slightly lighter purple and blue colors with some teal portions.

This beautiful red and orange agate geode color is a perfect ombre style on dark brunettes. Don’t you agree?

Go Subtle

Not feeling up to an all-over color haul? This trend can easily be embraced with a bit of subtlety. Many people find the geode look is easier to incorporate into everyday life with some strategic and more minimal highlights. This way you can still have the latest and greatest hair color style while keeping your desk day job or your parents happy!

Adding geode color to your tips in a minimal ombre style makes this look discreet yet fantastic.

This peek-a-boo geode look is sure to have you swooning. Imagine how adorable it looks in an up-do!

One of the best geode looks for blondes is a gorgeous and light rose quartz color. Nothing is fresher for a festival in the sun!

Geode hair color is totally achievable in this soft, discreet way.

Another subtle approach to geode color can be through applying glitter hair spray. Spritzing any gemstone color that you choose onto your locks is easy, fun, and less permanent way to embrace the trend. You can spray it anywhere on your hair, but the most popular place seems to be on the roots. Between Sephora and Amazon, dozens of brands and colors are waiting for you! Sparkling like a crystal is easy and fun with temporary glitter hair!

No matter what your style is, whether you like to go bold, play it cool, or have fun for just a day or two, it’s pretty much impossible to not fit some of the geode hair trend into your life. If you’re heading to a festival or a fun party this summer and want to give the geode look a test – apply some temporary color and see you how you feel. I guarantee the answer will be amazing!