Extravagant Version of Pixie

Feminine and airy at the same time. Ideally suitable for the round shape of the face, to stretch it vertically. Style your hair on your own, it’s actually quite easy.

How do you do an interesting Pixie hairstyle?

Step 1: To increase the density of your hair, it’s better to use a light mousse. To do this, squeeze a small amount of mousse on a comb and spread it through your dampened hair, avoiding direct contact with the scalp.

Step 2: Freely dry short hair at the nape and temples with a hair dryer. Then use your hand and the air flow of the hair dryer as a guide to dry the top section of your hair from right to left.

Step 3: Likewise, use your hands and hair dryer to dry the top part of your hair, from left to right.

Step 4: Also dry the top part of the hair above your face.

Step 5: After making sure that your hair is completely dry, finally start to shape the hairstyle. To add texture, it’s better to use wax with a matte effect and use your fingers to sculpt the desired texture of the hair like clay.

P.S. Receive a sea of complements and pleasure thanks to your new look.