20 Emma Stone Hair Looks to Inspire Your Next Style, Color or Cut

Emma Stone hair is exactly what we need to get inspired, find breathtaking hairstyles and new hair color ideas! She’s had plenty of fans wondering how they can achieve her effortless style, and she’s let us in on her best kept secret. Her solo songs in La La Land are almost as fabulous as her various hairstyles — she’s also one of the most famous redheads of Hollywood, although her natural hair color is blonde. If you’ve been wondering how to achieve Emma Stone’s style we’ll take a look at some of her most endearing hair moments.

2006: Brilliant Brunette Style

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Emma Stone has tried plenty of hair colors and wowed us every time, but I wish that she’d stick with this adorable brunette style complete with fringe bangs from Replay Los Angeles store opening party at Falcon. If she doesn’t go back to this look soon-we might have to start a petition to get her to change her mind.

2008: Stick Straight Hair

Emma Stone has great hair and this is just proof of that! She plays up her red hair color with some added shine to this stick-straight style that we adore. The bold multi-colored dress with her fiery red locks gives her hair even more added style at the premiere of ‘The House Bunny’ at Hearst Tower.

2010: Radiant Redhead

We have to give Emma Stone props because she looks absolutely stunning as dark red hair at the 2010 Vanity Fair Oscar Party. Very few women can pull off that bright shade of red lipstick with some sultry red locks to match and look this magnificent, but if you’re brave enough to try I say go for it!

2011: Bardot-Inspired Ponytail

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What celebrity hasn’t been inspired by Brigitte Bardot? If you want to achieve this Bardot-inspired style that Emma wore at the ‘Friends with Benefits’ premiere at Ziegfeld Theater, for a more voluminous ponytail check out this helpful Youtube tutorial.

2011: Side-Swept Bangs, Tousled Waves

If you want a look that doesn’t take too much effort than there’s nothing better than sporting your side-swept bangs with tousled waves. It’s ready for you to take on a relaxing day at the beach or a long day in the office. But Emma Stone chose this hairstyles for the Conde Nast Traveler Annual Hot List party held at Soho House.

2012: Emma Stone Hair Flip

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Emma Stone’s appearance at the Vogue Fashion Fund Awards had her looking extremely elegant with a simple hair flip at her ends-she achieved the stylish look with her blonde hairby using a classic trick that you can easily pull off with a hair straightener and some added patience.

2012: Faux Asymmetrical Bob

Not everything in life has to be even-especially when it’s a faux asymmetrical bob. When you get tired of this adorable look, all you have to do is remove a few dozen bobby pins to make it symmetrical again. If you have short hair it’s an even easier style to achieve with this amazing Youtube tutorial. Emma Stone’s hair was so inspiring during the ‘The Amazing Spider Man’ Paris Premiere at Le Grand Rex!

2012: Bobby Pins

I always wonder why we don’t use bobby pins more often; they’re just versatile and functional. There are so many cute ways to wear them in your hair-simply by pinning back bangs you’re trying to grow out or using them for updos. Just look how cool Emma was ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’ premiere in Madrid!

2013: Blunt Bangs

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Everyone was surprised when Emma Stone first dyed her hair blonde, but the even more shocking fact is that her natural hair color is blonde to begin with. Also, she gives us all bang envy that we want to test out ourselves. If you’re too afraid to get permanent bangs-try some cute clip-ins instead and create a hairstyle similar to Emma’s look at the Los Angeles premiere of ‘Gangster Squad’!

2013: Top Knot Style

The top knot has become an infamous style for the lazy girl hair habits that we so crave in our busy lives, but Emma Stone manages to make the look sleek and sophisticated by pairing it with a classy black top for the ‘The Croods’ Premiere during the 63rd Berlinale Film Festival. I think we can all learn a valuable lesson here and that is you can make a simple bun look elegant, especially if you try some of these top knot hairstyles.

2014: Loose Braids for Days

Emma Stone looks like she just finished a relaxing day at the beach with this loose side braid-it doesn’t hurt that we’re pretty sure she’s a mermaid, and if there’s ever a live-action version of The Little Mermaid we know who should be cast as Ariel. However, actress chose this look for the ‘Charles James: Beyond Fashion’ Costume Institute Gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art!

2014: Strawberry Blonde Forever

If you’ve been trying to decide on a cute hair color for the springtime, then why not go with strawberry blonde? It’s a good mixture where you’ll get the both of best worlds-since blondes are known to have more fun and redheads have a wild streak. Emma Stone at the World Premiere of ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ in London is a really good example!

2014: Long Bob Haircut

Everyone and their mothers have tried out the long bob haircut and for good reason because trying out a new hairdo is not easy. The long bob, or lob as we like to refer to it as is less scary since you still get the added security of having that extra length with the stylishness of a bob look. Show your hairstylist this picture of  Ennna Stone attending the ‘Birdman’ Premiere during 71st Venice Film Festival and she’ll understand!

2014: Tight Spiral Curls

If tight auburn spiral curls were the signature look for anyone it would have been Shirley Temple-they have the air of youth about them. So if you’re looking for a way to look younger and more buoyant there’s nothing better than adding some tight spiral tresses to your style. Emma’s already rocked this curly hair style at ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Rise Of Electro’ premiere in Berlin.

2015: Cinnamon Spice and Everything Nice

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I like to refer to Emma’s red hair color at the Los Angeles Premiere ‘Aloha’ as cinnamon spice since it’s got a nice mix of fiery red and lighter warm highlights-it’s just like our favorite baking spice! Next time, you’re considering coloring your hair why not ask for a cinnamon spice shade of red instead of the usual?

2015: Keep it Short

Sometimes, there’s nothing better, or simpler than a short haircut-especially with spring approaching we’ll want to spend less time doing our hair and more time enjoying our favorite outdoor activities. Add Emma’s style for the 2015 Film Independent Spirit Awards to your hair moodboard!

2015: Romantic Updo

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We’ve seen plenty of romantic updos on Emma Stone-it seems to almost be one of her signature styles. It wouldn’t be complete without the one strand left out in a loose curl. If you’ve been wanting to steal this look from the Writers Guild Awards, it’s a pretty simple style to achieve a similar style in under 4 minutes with this tutorial.

2016: Stylish Slouchy Beanie

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Okay, so not everyone adores hats or looks cute in them the way that Emma Stone does-but if you’re looking to add some style to your life why not try a stylish slouchy hat? By the way, this photo was made on the set of ‘The Amazing Spider-Man 2’ in New York.

2016: Dramatically Dark Chestnut Color

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Emma Stone surprised us all when she revealed an extremely dark chestnut color at the “Manus x Machina: Fashion In An Age Of Technology” Costume Institute Gala she attended. If she was going for dramatic she definitely achieved it with this not-so-subtle change in hair color.

2017: Vintage Glam Waves with Side Bangs

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Emma Stone pulls off classic retro curls with bangs and a dark shade of lipstick so naturally on the red carpet for the 89th Oscars. Dramatic curls with a vintage vibe can really set off you everyday style and they’re easier to achieve than one might think. If you’re looking for a sultry way to help you turn heads, check out this tutorial!

Also we’d love to share with you this amazing video tutorial inspired by Emma Stone’s gorgeous lala hairstyles:

We’ve seen plenty of new hair ideas to help us get a jump start on our spring style this year. Hopefully, some of these Emma Stone hairstyles gave you both the confidence you need to look your best and inspiration to give to your hair stylist at your next appointment.