5 Quick and Easy Fall Hairstyles

Ladies, the good news this fall is that you don’t need to get sore anymore from holding that blowdryer and brush forever in the air, trying to fix up your hair frizz. You can even throw your comb away and stop brushing your hair altogether. Well, maybe a few products here and there just for the sake of keeping your hair in health and shape, but who doesn’t like 5 min hairstyles? Undone, loose locks and non-sleek buns are all the rage this season and we’re loving it!

These are the winners for this fall, and you can wear every one of them, trust us.

#1: Low Looped Bun

What can be easier than to make a bun? Well, we don’t mean the traditional bridal, ballet bun – with this one you can have a little more fun. It’s basically a lower positioned relaxed, messy knot. Tie all your hair at the back with a band. As for the wrap, you can just loosely secure it with bobby pins, or tie another band around it and then pull out a few loose strands for a messier look. If your hair is very long, you can play with it and tie a few knots (as many as you can actually) and then secure them with bobby pins. Ultra cute and modern are two swirl buns instead of one.

#2: Rope-y Ponytail

Finally, a braid that doesn’t require the skills of a braiding ninja. Have you mastered the art of the Finnish plait yet? Well, you can save it for later because the messy low rope braid ponytail is a thing now. Works best if you have long hair, but again – hair extensions will do the trick. If your hair is layered and it starts to crawl out of the braid or hair elastic, then even better. But you can certainly try a more polished look without flyaways.

#3: Deep Side Part

Not just your regular side part, but rather a few inches more on the side then usually. This works with loose hair or with tied hair, but make sure it’s not too sleek if you choose the second option, and let’s face it, there are days when only a bun will work. And a lot of dry shampoo. Also if you have really thick hair and it gets too voluminous on the side, make sure to balance it out by compressing the hair on one side (use hair gel or hair mousse) and tease it on the other to create fullness. And you can combine the side part with a low bun or ponytail, but remember not to spend more than 5 minutes on your hair, otherwise it looks too perfect and polished.

#4: Waves

Since loose beachy waves had been around for some time now, let’s go with that first. If you have straight hair, you can add up a little volume by curling it, and if you are blessed with curls, then all you need to do is to define and enhance them with serum drops or mousse. Definitely, if you’re using a flat iron to curl your hair, which is the best way to do it to get soft, wavy curl, make sure you’re applying protective products and deep conditioning your hair, especially if you have thin strands.

#5: Hair Ties

Hair ties are making their comeback in a big way. You can tie them around your head and wear them like a headband or, and this is a perfect way to incorporate a hair tie into your hair, tie it around your ponytail. Again, go with a low ponytail, and you can either braid a hair tie into your hair or just wrap it around your pony. You may also attach hair extensions to get a fuller braid and really get the most out of this look. You would also probably like to experiment with tie colors, depending on your hair color – match them or go for a full black and white contrast. Experiment with small hair ties, scrunchies, hair ribbons and headbands. You will like the result!

Well, these were your 5 easy must-tries for the fall. We know that every girl needs a quick hair fix once in a while. Hope you’ll pick something from our list and get a bunch of compliments!