Disney Princesses Hair in Real Life

Let’s face it, most of us have a major soft spot for the Disney princesses. Even though you probably watched them most as a child, the stories behind each princess endure and, if you’re like me, you find yourself watching them over and over, well into adulthood. Not only do we want to have the strength, courage, and passion of these classic young women, but we also love their hair! All of the Disney princess hairstyles are beautiful and can easily be recreated to fit our modern times and everyday looks. Find your favorite girl below and learn how to achieve Disney princess hair with these simple and inspiring tutorials.

1. Ariel: The Redheaded Bestie

It’s hard to decide what Ariel is best known for: her role as the youngest mermaid and daughter of King Triton, or that unmistakable red mane. Luckily, you too can have hair that looks as if it’s flowing underwater if you follow a few simple tips. However, you may need a few ‘thingamabobs’ to help you achieve Ariel’s flowing locks and sweeping side bangs.

For the most natural, wearable inspiration that is easy to follow, check out this tutorial on Youtube. Next thing you know, you’ll be looking just like Ariel and you won’t even need the shell bra to prove it.

2. Rapunzel: Mane for Days

While Rapunzel’s hair most likely requires several doses of biotin to achieve, there are ways you can emulate her flowing hair without growing your hair to several feet long! Hers may be one of the more natural princess hair looks, and anyone can try out her style, you just need a few extensions to get the job done!

This tutorial shows you how to make it happen without getting your locks “tangled”!

3. Belle: The Belle of The Top-Knot Ball

You may be more inspired than ever to try out a Belle hairstyle, thanks to its renewed popularity from the Emma Watson remake. Somehow seeing the hairstyle on a real person makes the look that much more attainable! Belle just may be our favorite of the Disney princesses with brown hair because of that trendy, half-up top-knot so many girls love today.

This tutorial shows the more classic look and gives Belle’s fantastic ‘do all of the credit that it deserves.

4. Cinderella: The Classic Updo

Cinderella is definitely one of the most popular Disney princesses — she even has her own castle at Disney World — and her updo is classic. The ultimate Cinderella hairstyle involves a piled-on bun and voluminous bangs that will make any prince swoon and any girl feel like a real princess! You can keep the look original by fastening on a chic ribbon or incorporating a more modern or casual hair accessory like a headscarf.

So if you’re wondering how to do Cinderella hair, look no further than this glamorous hair tutorial.

5. Pocahontas: The Natural Beauty

Who doesn’t want Pocahontas’ hair? This fearless Disney princess has us wanting not only her stunning, shiny locks but also her incredible strength — and furry friends!

If you’ve got jet black hair or simply want to learn how to achieve a stunningly sleek mane that will blow beautifully in the colors of the wind, tune into this tutorial.

6. Tiana: Curly-Headed Cutie

By far the most modern princess, Tiana from the Princess and the Frog, knows a thing or two about dreaming big and looking beautiful while doing so. Even though her hair looks stunning swept up and adorned with a crown, we love it even more when it’s down, surrounding her face with natural ringlets. Find yourself wishing for princess Tiana hair?

If you’ve got that natural curl but want them smoothed to perfection, try out this easy tutorial.

7. Snow White: The Fairest of Them All

The original Disney princess knows a thing or two about retro glam! From that face-framing shape to pale skin and red lips, Snow White has the look down!

The best Snow White hairstyle can be done with short or long hair, and this tutorial shows us how it’s done even if your hair is long.

8. Sleeping Beauty: The Dreamy Princess

Sleeping Beauty may have been asleep for one hundred years, but you’d never know it from that impeccable hairstyle! Her look is best known as super soft and dreamy with loose texture. While you can go full-on Aurora and rock a crown, a crown of braids is a little more doable for the office or a date.

This tutorial is a bit more literal with the swooped bangs, and will surely have you feeling like a princess in just a few simple steps.

9. Merida: The Cannot-Be-Tamed Mane

Merida is perhaps the most adventurous Disney princess with red hair whose style is just as bold as she is! Her hairstyle may not involve a complicated updo, but it definitely requires some styling, even if you’re hair has natural volume.

Follow this tutorial to learn how to achieve Merida’s curly locks.

10. Jasmine: The Sultry Beauty

Who doesn’t love Princess Jasmine and her beautiful hair? She practically invented the bubble ponytail. Fortunately, creating your own princess Jasmine hair is fairly simple and definitely adorable! If you’re looking to keep your Jasmine hair from feeling too costumey, go without the headband.

The best tutorial that we’ve found shows Jasmine hair and make-up but feel free to skip to the 5-minute mark for the hair portion.

The next time you’re looking to feel like a princess, you will know exactly what steps you need to take to get there! There are so many princess hair styles to choose from — straight and sleek, naturally curly, or even piled all the way up. There is a princess style for everyone and every mood. Which look is your favorite?