Corset Braid Hair Trend Is the Best for Party Season

If it isn’t obvious at this point, we absolutely love braided hairstyles in all their varieties. Almost every week, we see a new variation on social media. These styles can go from runway-worthy to festival chic, and we’re still not getting tired of them. We have the fishtail braid, the mermaid braid the forever popular French braid and now we have the corset braid. It’s equal parts renaissance and 2018-friendly, with an edgy feel that would also compliment the classic Marie Antoinette style.

At Vancouver Fashion Week, models were seen at Lesley Hampton’s runway show wearing braids complete with sheer ribbons threaded throughout. The collective gasp from the audience signaled that this trend would quickly circulate on Instagram and Twitter. Although you’ve probably seen this style on your 12-year-old cousin, the new corset braids are anything but childlike. They have a much more edgy, modern style about them. (Think leather ties, thin ribbons and slicked back cool-girl braids.) This hairstyle may look complicated but it’s truly not. You can take this fun hairstyle from Instagram and fit it right into your real life runway aspirations.

Where It Came From

Surprisingly, this hairstyle wasn’t first seen at Paris Fashion Week-it was simply reimagined after Vancouver Fashion Week. This look comes from way, way back. During the Renaissance period, women kept their long locks braided and out of their faces. It was common to use soft lace ribbons through the hair as a way of proving or silently explaining your status.

How To Braid The Hair

This hairstyle is not as difficult as it may appear to be. Here’s a great video tutorial to help get you started.

First, you’ll need basic hair tools like a brush, ribbon and rubber bands. Divide the hair into at least two equal parts. For each additional section, you’ll need to add another ribbon. Set one section aside, or use an elastic to pull it back so it doesn’t get in the way while working on the other side. French or Dutch braid each section of hair. When your first section is complete, make the others identical. Find the center of the ribbon and lay it on top of the head, between the two braids. Thread the ends of the ribbon under the outside strands from each braid, directly across from each other. Cross the ends of the ribbon over in the center of the braids, similar to lacing your shoes. Be careful not to twist the ribbon. Feed the ribbon ends through the next set of outside strands of hair and cross again. Continue all the way down to the bottom. The laced ribbon creates the corset braid!

Different Ways of Styling

There are quite a few ways to incorporate the corset braid hairstyle and trend into your everyday and party looks. From side braids to festival-worthy buns, check out all of the fun and unique options below.

#1: Double Low Bun

This is a fun, easy way to glam up a messy bun look. Braid the top of the hair, along with the sides and then add a black thread to make an edgy statement. Create two low messy ponytails and then wrap them around to create small buns. We all use a messy bun as a way to avoid doing our hair or when we’re in a rush to get out the door. This look will guarantee you’ll have heads turning without the maximum effort.

Double Braided Low Bun

Instagram / @hairbyjaicollins

#2: Double Boho Braid with Crystal

This look is fit for a princess and works for any occasion. Lace a silver ribbon through the sides of your hair and let the braid travel down and over your shoulder. This braided hairstyle is fun, pretty and ultra feminine with just the right amount of edginess. Use a bit of hairspray to keep everything neat throughout the day and brush down the edges for a more put together look.

Double Boho Braid With Crystal

Instagram / @hair_by_pelerossi

#3: Chic Dutch Braid

This look is supposed to make you look like a princess. Add a Dutch braid, and if you need assistance with this type of braid check out this helpful video! Lace ribbon all the way through the braid and tie a bow at the tail. It’s extra girly and makes us swoon over the pretty ribbon detail. If you really want to add a unique style use a curling wand to curl any stray hairs to add something extra to the look.

#4: Funky Festival Hair

This braided hairstyle is meant to be pure fun and for the girl that is never afraid to stand out and be different. Brush your hair and create a straight middle part with a comb. Create pigtails and then twist and wrap sections of your hair around to create space buns. Create two cornrows at the back of your hair and lace a bright ribbon through the braids.

High Braided Buns With Corset Braid

Instagram / @chemicalkellee

#5: Edgy Cornrows

Cornrows are a classic summer style that women often flock to when the weather begins to heat up-they’re easy to do and look chic even if you’re in a hurry. It also gives you the chance to play with your eyebrows and eye makeup since there is no hair distracting from your face. We like the edginess that these cornrows exude, especially by using the metallic chain in place of a more feminine ribbon. You’ll be sure to stand out from the crowd with this style! If you want to incorporate corn rows into your style check out this video for tips and tricks and then incorporate the metal chain through hair hoops to get this ultra chic style.

Long Cornrows With Chain

Instagram / @hairbyjaicollins

#6: French Braids with White Ribbon

This braid style is also easy to obtain, and you’ll look as feminine as a ballet dancer with the gorgeous wide ribbon! This corset braid hairstyle is in a simple French braid style with an intricate ribbon weaved throughout-but you could really choose any color or style of ribbon to change this simple style. Put some glitter in the braids for a night out or a special event and you’ll look like an enchanting ballerina.

Braided Pigtails With Wide Ribbon

Instagram / @aki_kaiyun

#7: Half-Up, Half-Down Style

If you ask us, the best way to spruce up any hairstyle is to add a lacey corset to it. You can easily wear this look all year long and still have a trendy look. Curl the bottom pieces of your hair with a curling wand and then put the top half of your hair up to obtain this half-up style. Part the front of your hair down the middle and make two cornrows. Then, lace ribbon or thread across the front of your hair.

Braided Half Up Half Down Style

Instagram / @meet_the_stylist

There are so many variations of the corset braid style-almost as many choices as if you were just going to braid your hair! Whether you’re going for preppy and girly or edgy and unique, you’re bound to stand out in the crowd and earn some attention for this hairstyle. It’s not nearly as tough as it looks, and once you get the hang of it we’re sure it will be your new go-to style. If you’re ready to take your braid game up a notch, we dare you to try the corset braid hairstyle-you won’t regret it!