6 Summer Colorful Hair Ideas for Daring Girls

When it comes to hair color these days, it seems like the bolder, the better! You may have been noticing the unicorn or even geode hair trend on Instagram, but this summer is all about wild and out there. The following hair color ideas   may be a little too bold to rock all year long, but as festival season gears up–why not try one of these funky trends? You won’t regret it!

Highlighter Hair

The ’90s are back with a vengeance. Embrace your favorite decade with some punk highlighter hair. This trend really hit it big last month at Coachella when Kylie Jenner stepped out sporting a beautiful green highlighter tone cut in a chic lob at the trendiest festival of the year.

Want to try Kylie Jenner green hair for yourself? This style may be easiest to wear as a wig as Kylie often does with her daily color and length changes. If you’re feeling the look and want to make a several month commitment–jump right in and highlight away!

You don’t have to be as bold as this highlighter trend to give it a try. In fact, you can try it in a more subtle way by adding streaks to light colored hair.

Leopard Print Hair

This look is definitely not for the faint of heart! This bold leopard print hair may be pretty trend specific, but it’s definitely a look that will get you noticed and bring out your wild side. Now you have the chance to sport your favorite animal print accessory’s pattern right on your scalp!

The look was first pioneered by London-based stylist Erik Pascarelli of Bleach London. He was the first to bring the trend to light when he gave a client the look after a buzz job.

You might be wondering how you can get this look. First, as with most wild color trends, the hair must be bleached to absorb any new color. Next, Erik uses a toner to turn the hair to a light bronde shade. To create the spots, he carefully paints the head with black and brown dye. Hair doesn’t have to be buzzed in order to enjoy this look. Erik recommends a stencil to get those ocelot spots on longer locks. It’s always best to have a stylist complete a tricky hair look but it can be achieved on your own.

Don’t be afraid to try this dye job out in a discreet way with an undercut or just a strip.

Holographic Hair

One of the more surreal colorful hair ideas has to be the holographic hair trend. Inspired by actual holographics and the ever-popular unicorn hair, this style kicks the iridescence up a notch with dreamy Creamsicle colors in cool hues.

Ross Michael Salon in Seattle has been a big pioneer of the look; churning out luscious holographic hair that looks more like a computer simulation than real hair for a human. While this style is stunning, it’s meticulous and can require a lot of upkeep. This dreamy look shouldn’t be attempted without the help of a professional stylist. You have to admit, though, the final result may be worth all of the hassle!

Bejeweled Hair

You may have seen glitter roots but now its glittery, sparkly shave undercuts   that will be taking festivals by storm this summer! Undercuts are great because you can rock your hair down as normal without any suspicion, but once hair goes up, the fun comes out! Lately, Instagram is covered in the latest and hottest bejeweled undercut trend.

You may be wondering how this look is achieved in the first place (it’s surprisingly easy!). First, pick a pattern and color scheme you would like to work with. It’s more fun if your hair is a bright color to match.

If the underneath section of your hair isn’t already shaved, then have your stylist or a trusted friend do it for you. Next, mix a very firm hold gel with the glitters of your choice and have that trusted person behind you work away! Rhinestones and studs can be added with the firm gel. Be sure to set with a strong hold hairspray.

Denim Hair

One of the more subtle colorful looks on this list is denim hair. It’s the perfect follow-up to the gray color that has been insanely popular over the past year. This moonstone blue color is just as reliable as your favorite pair of jeans and fades just as beautifully.

You can achieve this look with all-over blue hair dye or add in the color mixed with that beloved grayish tone for the perfect acid wash jean look and a darker fade.

Unicorn Frappuccino Hair

It’s official, the unicorn frappuccino is everywhere! You’ve definitely seen people sporting giants cups of the colorful stuff in real life and on Instagram, but did you ever think this instant obsession would make it as far as an official hair trend?

Some die-hard fans of the Starbucks drink have fully committed and turned their locks into unicorn manes. St-Louis based hair stylist Caitlin Ford has been sharing her creations on Instagram lately, revealing the look to us all.

Once again, this style should be achieved only through the help of a professional. They will help you find the perfect look that will be good enough to eat!

As we’ve said before, there is nothing wrong with rocking a trend in a more subtle way. This look is still Unicorn Frappuccino all the way but with softer colors.

What do you think of these new and wild trends? They may be a little funky, but we think they’re perfect for summer, festivals and hanging out with your friends. The possibilities for hair dye colors   and vibrancy are truly endless with these stylish trends that will definitely get you noticed!