20 Times Celebrities Looked Killer with Grown Out Roots

Anyone with colored hair knows how much of a headache roots can be. It can be even more frustrating to have to constantly touch them up as well as costly. But here is a thought: why not embrace your roots? We know it sounds crazy but blonde hair with dark roots is a trend that has been popular among various celebrities.

Let’em Show!

It is natural for your hair to grow, therefore, it is natural for your roots to show. Roots don’t have to be a sign of laziness or carelessness, it can be a trendy and unique look. There is nothing better than your natural hair color blending in perfectly with your colored hair!

Thinking of letting your hair do its thing and growing out those roots? Check out these 20 celebrities that have rocked this look!

#1: Ashley Benson

The Pretty Little Liars star has shown off her roots for quite some time now and we absolutely love her mix of blonde hair dark roots. If you’re looking for more of a natural and low maintenance look than this is the perfect option for growing out roots.

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#2: Ciara

Afraid your roots will be too dark to blend in with your blonde? Follow the steps of Ciara, having more of a golden blonde tone does not only complement her warmer complexion but also gives an amazing blonde with dark roots blend that is especially perfect for darker natural hair and also for this time of the year!

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#3: Paris Jackson

Let’s be honest what look has Paris Jackson not been able to pull off? But we are loving this frost blonde, messy bob with just the perfect amount of her roots showing. Style your hair with a side part to bring just enough attention to your dark hair roots. This can often add a bit of edge to this simple hairstyle.

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#4: Elizabeth Olsen

Are you a fan of balayage? If so this roots showing hair option is the perfect choice for you! With balayage you can create a gradual, natural looking effect with your hair color just like Elizabeth Olsen. This allows you to have the dark roots blonde hair dyed look but still appears as if it’s all naturally blended.

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#5: Miley Cyrus

Another perk of roots showing hair is the effect it leaves when you wear your hair in an updo. Miley Cyrus is a pro at this look especially with darker roots! Try putting your hair up in a cute little bun to create a two dimensional look to showcase both colors separately, leave out a few strands at the side for a messy chic style!

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#6: Kate Moss

The British top model never disappoints with her looks and her dark roots are definitely no exception! This subtle roots on hair adds a bit of edge to what otherwise would be ordinary platinum blonde hair. All you have to do is let your roots grow or simply ask your hairdresser to forget that section of hair when getting your hair colored. It’s extremely simple and looks great!

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#7: Jourdan Dunn

Jourdan Dunn provides us with a timeless and classic look all while showing off her roots. Her blend of natural dark hair on top and lighter blonde tones at the ends of her short hair really gives a sense of elegance. Just add some soft curls to the end to glam it up even more!

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#8: Drew Barrymore

Do you already have roots growing out? Well follow Drew Barrymore’s footsteps and just let them completely grow out, you’ll be amazed at how easily they blend in with the blonde. Style your hair into a messy side braid leaving out big chunks of hair to frame your face and show off the dimensions of your hair!

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#9: Kristen Stewart

Kristen Stewart is without a doubt the queen of edgy looks and this is one to die for! This look is not only extremely fun but it also proves that the dark roots hair trend also works for short hairstyles. Just whip a small amount of hair to one side showcasing both your dark hair roots and your lighter colored hair. This will for sure have you turning heads! Embed from Getty Images

#10: Beyonce

If Queen B is doing it then you know this trend is for real! For short hair like Beyonce’s (as pictured below) a good option is opting for various hair tones, from darker and warmer tones at root and middle to lighter colder tones at the ends. This will give your hair various dimensions. It will also give you a blend that will perfectly compliment your complexions.

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#11: Sofia Richie

Spice up your dark hair roots with a unique middle part braid. Especially if you’re trying to look just like Sofia Richie! This looks brings emphasis to the blend of your darker roots and blonde hair by mixing both tones. It can do this in one braid that goes straight from the front to the back of the head.

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#12: Saoirse Ronan

The Brooklyn actress is known for her classy and modest style and she is able to bring dark hair roots into her personal style by having a sleek no-part pulled back hairstyle. It truly accentuates her dark roots and the lighter color at the ends. This style mixed with beautiful accessories will really bring life to the look and still maintain the classiness you’re striving to achieve.

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#13: Jennifer Lawrence

Looking for the perfect summer hair color? Look no further because Jennifer Lawrence has you covered. This beachy bohemian look blends her dark roots with a light blonde that when styled with beachy waves will give you the perfect California girl look. This style doesn’t only have to be worn for the summer! It can easily make its way into fall and winter if you’re willing to let some more dark roots show.

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#14: Sarah Jessica Parker

What’s not to love about Sarah Jessica Parker? Especially when it comes to her hair! Another extremely natural and low maintenance look is this dark roots hairstyle that Sarah Jessica Parker wears so perfectly. A layered cut and lighter highlights in the front will really highlight the face and add life to bland hair.

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#15: Blake Lively

Perfect husband, kids and career: let’s be honest, Blake Lively has it all! But probably the most envious thing she has are her gorgeous golden locks. Even Blake can’t be bothered with touching up her roots and she styles it so amazingly with this high sleek ponytail to highlight her roots blending into the beautiful blonde mane.

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#16: Rita Ora

Rita Ora’s personality is fun and bubbly which is why it comes as no surprise that her hair matches it so well! Below you can see how she showcases her dark roots by pinning the front section of her hair in a poof. She also lets her blonde hair flow down in a straight finish look. This hairstyle is not only unique but can also leave you feeling like a pop princess!

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#17: Chloe Grace Moretz

The young actress shows off some edge as she demonstrates she is not afraid of growing out roots. What really brings the entire look together is whipping your entire hair to one side, since it will really bring out the mix of the dark roots blonde hair. Add a pop of color to your eyes like Chloe Grace Moretz, style your hair into a messy braid and you’ll be rocking your roots all night long!

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#18: Gigi Hadid

There are not many things Gigi Hadid can’t pull off, but we know for sure dark roots isn’t one of them. If you’re afraid to really let your roots show then you can follow in Gigi’s steps and simply blend your highlights with your natural colors. This will allow your roots to look like one natural color blend when they do start growing.

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#19: Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff was not staying behind on the trend either! However she went for more of a drastic dark roots look. The top half of her hair was colored a dark brown and blended into softer blonde tones at the bottom. These two colors not only blend great, but they also highlight her face and match her complexions quite perfectly. The hair color looks beautiful and natural.

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#20: Margot Robbie

The Suicide Squad actress has always had enviable blonde hair, but she has also opted for the dark roots hair trends. Although blonde still dominates when it comes to her hair, Margot Robbie does let her dark hair roots shine in this pulled back messy knot hair bun, adding a bit of edge to her look.

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As we can see there are many different celebrity roots styles that compliment each one of them. This means you have plenty of options if growing out roots is something you are thinking of doing. If you can’t be bothered with spending any more time or money touching your roots up, then don’t be afraid to let your hair grow out. You’ll see you will soon be rocking those roots just as well as these celebrities!