Tips and Tricks

Hair health and hair beauty go hand in hand. Healthy hair is beautiful in any hairstyle – a simple downdo or a sophisticated updo. It doesn’t take much to maintain your hair health – a diet, regular trims and home remedies to give nourishment and moisture to your hair follicles. We collect smart hair ideas you can include into your maintenance routine and improve the health and beauty of your hair. We also reveal the most widespread hair care myths and disclose the truth behind them. Find out more about natural DIY solutions, tools for cutting and styling your hair at home, the most popular YouTube Hairstyling channels and everything else you want to know about hair!

Not everyone is blessed with the innate ability to style their hair like a pro. Luckily for us, we live in the age, where hair tutorials are readily available no matter where you are, as long as you have a wifi connection. Check out some of our favorite YouTube channels, filled with some of best hairstyling tips and tricks. [click to continue…]

We are women, and we love everything new! Changes are a part of our nature, and it is normal to think about a new hairstyle from time to time. Coloring can be a total makeover for us! Take notice that telling someone that you’re going to dye your hair can be responded with a long monologue about how dangerous it can be. We often believe in hair-dyeing myths that are actually far from the truth. Do you want to know what is real about hair coloring? Look through our article, and you will see nothing, but the plain truth. [click to continue…]

While every hair type is different and has its own specific set of needs, there are certain products that everyone should keep far, far away from their heads. Read on for some of our worst hair offenders and what to use in their place to keep your hair happy, vibrant and healthy. [click to continue…]

lazy winter hairstyles

The cold weather always seems to slow everything down for us. From getting out of bed to getting dressed—simplicity is a must during this time, especially when styling our hair. Keep it easy as 1, 2, 3 with hairstyles that are made for lounging around in. [click to continue…]

Trading in needles and ink for clippers and dye, hair tattoo looks set the best badass hair trend to try without the pain and lifetime commitment to the real thing. Ready for any hair length, short coifs show off your design all day, every day, while longer styles have the power to keep them covered when you want. Check out our favorite versions of the craze and find out which one you want to try! [click to continue…]

When you have pin straight hair, curly locks seem like something, well, beyond the realm of possibility. You try every curling method in the book, and despite your best efforts, your hair falls flat. Think you’ve exhausted all of your options? Think again, because we’ve got some tips that will have you well on your way to bouncy, wavy locks. [click to continue…]

You can never have too many tricks up your sleeve, especially when it comes to styling your hair. Whether it’s for a special occasion or an everyday go-to, we’re here to share what you can do to your hair – something that’s a cinch but feels like magic! [click to continue…]

Sometimes we overdo it, finding ourselves in situations where we aren’t treating our bodies as well as we could. The same goes for our hair. The effects of highlights, hot tools and daily wear&tear can add up, and leave your hair in desperate need for some serious rehabilitation. While we know that it isn’t realistic to abide by all of these healthy hair commandments, try to incorporate a few of them into your daily routine to start your journey to the ultimate hair restoration. [click to continue…]

grow hair

There is no magical way to grow your hair super long overnight. Hair grows only half an inch per month and that’s only if it’s super healthy. But you can encourage it by following these 5 super easy hair care tips. [click to continue…]

curly hair

Are you one of those lucky women who have gorgeous curly hair? But have you ever had problems dealing with it… wished you had straight hair instead of curls? If your answer is yes, this article is definitely worth your attention! [click to continue…]