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Hair health and hair beauty go hand in hand. Healthy hair is beautiful in any hairstyle – a simple downdo or a sophisticated updo. It doesn’t take much to maintain your hair health – a diet, regular trims and home remedies to give nourishment and moisture to your hair follicles. We collect smart hair ideas you can include into your maintenance routine and improve the health and beauty of your hair. We also reveal the most widespread hair care myths and disclose the truth behind them. Find out more about natural DIY solutions, tools for cutting and styling your hair at home, the most popular YouTube Hairstyling channels and everything else you want to know about hair!

If there is one thing women dread like the plague, it is a bad hair day! And for all the right reasons—hair is not only extremely difficult to tame or manage, it even gets either greasy, or kinky, or knotty, basically a perfect recipe to ruin an otherwise amazing day. But if you have no time on hand, how do you wash, condition and style? [click to continue…]

Winter is almost over and here we are – lifeless, brittle hair, pale skin… Who is this tired lady, staring at me in the mirror? If you feel the same, we want to cheer you up – you can have beautiful shiny hair this spring! [click to continue…]

Almost every advice regarding job interviews contains the word ‘confidence’. And many women admit that their confidence directly depends on how they look. Choose the right hairstyle for the day-X to knock the world flat and get the dream job!

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For all you budding DIY hairdressers and stylists, we’ve got twelve tremendous tools that can be successfully used at home. Find out why you need them in your life and how best to apply them. [click to continue…]

Henna lovers constitute a separate caste within the beauty industry. They appreciate Mother Nature’s gifts instead of searching for fast synthetic solutions. In fact, henna has been used for centuries by women for hair growth, treatment and coloring. Apart from deep natural shades, it helps to make hair strong, voluminous and healthy, nourishing roots and building protective layers for strands through the whole length. So, what, are you ready for life-changing hair dyeing hacks? Take your seats, because this article is your guided step-by-step journey to DIY henna solutions! [click to continue…]

Finding the energy and motivation to just make it to the gym nowadays can be difficult enough, especially if you don’t want to look like you just rolled out of bed. Try the quick and easy workout hairstyles below to get you on track and looking more pulled together than you might feel starting out. [click to continue…]

If there’s one thing we all wish we could buy more of, it would be time; especially in the morning when it comes to our beauty routine. Of course we all love the process of getting primped for fun occasions like going out with friends on the weekends but when it comes to the average day-to-day, most of us would rather spend the extra time in the morning sneaking in some extra shut eye rather than trying to tame our bedhead. [click to continue…]

low maintenance haircut

If you don’t have the luxury of time (or patience) to spend hours styling your hair each day then choosing a low maintenance haircut is going to be ideal. Some cuts just wash and go more effectively than others. But of course, you still want it to look good. Here are some on trend haircuts for this year that are also low maintenance and easy to work with. [click to continue…]

Going to the salon can be an expensive treat — ask any girl who has ever gotten a full head of highlights and been shocked by paying as much as $300. This cost completely depends on where you live. Whether your motivation is to save a little cash or to avoid harsh dyes and chemicals, we’ve rounded up some of the best homemade formulas to naturally lighten hair with ingredients that you probably already have in your pantry.

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diy haircut

Cutting your own hair often sounds like an accident waiting to happen but, with a little bit of practice, it can be easy to create stunning styles at home. We share ten top tips for women’s DIY haircuts that can save you time and money, as well as give you unlimited access to new hairdos! [click to continue…]