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We know how hard it can be to hunt up truly easy and clear hair tutorials on the Internet. Visit this category on The Right Hairstyles to find cool tutorials for all hair types and lengths with step-by-step pictures, essential tips, brilliant hacks and useful videos. Experiment every day and discover hair ideas for the most important events in your life such as prom, wedding and unforgettable parties. Do not lose your inspiration – save, pin and share tutorials you’re interested in. That’s how you can become a beauty guru and create a huge arsenal of hairstyles for every occasion.

Do you want to master some simple long-hair styles for special occasions? In this article, Los Angeles-based stylist Cynthia shows 7 easy and cute party hairstyles for long hair that can be recreated in 15 minutes or so. They’re all great styles for heading out to a party! [click to continue…]

A ponytail is not trivial anymore. This hairdo is one of the simplest, yet most versatile styles, and there is a huge amount of ideas about it. The ponytail has been popular for decades already, and its famousness among women of different characters and ages confirms its practical and aesthetic value. Keep reading for creative ponytail hair ideas you can save for special events! [click to continue…]

Going to a party or planning a date? These simple and cute hairstyles for medium hair allow for creating stylish and elegant looks. Scroll on to see 15 ingenious hairdos, as well as 1-minute tutorials for each of them. It’s time to play with your medium-length hair and get the most out of it! [click to continue…]

When there is no extra time, a multipurpose twisted-bun hairstyle is the best solution. This hairdo is easy to create, so you don’t need any help with it. You won’t have to comb your hair often; that’s why it is perfect even while you are playing sports. Here, we have created a special tutorial for you that will quickly help you learn how to create a beautiful and stylish twisted bun. [click to continue…]

If you want to impress everyone at a party, just master the bubble braid pigtails! Want to look especially pretty for the first date? This hairdo is what you need! At first glance, the bubble braids seem to be complicated to create, but, in fact, they only look so. Let’s get down to a special tutorial we’ve created for you. [click to continue…]

Every girl ever wanted to update the hairstyle or even give a whole new look. To grow hair or to snip off? To cut bangs or not? Sometimes it’s possible to undergo changes only for so long. Learn how to make fake bangs and transform your hair without cutting! [click to continue…]

Are you agonizing over which hairstyle to wear for your big day? Not sure how to surprise everyone at the big party? Looking for the perfect prom hairstyle? Then, our waterfall braid tutorial is especially for you! We’ll show you how to look deadly terrific at any event, while spending only 10 minutes on your beautiful waterfall braid with curls! [click to continue…]

A pull-through braid is love from the first sight! Fishbone braid not really your forte? Complex braiding patterns sap the soul? You’d be surprised at how very smooth-sailing this hairstyle can be. Here we have a special tutorial with 10 simple steps that will help you make this trendy look, without any assistance. [click to continue…]

Braiding, as a hairstyle, has progressed from trend to fundamental. These braid styles have a wide range of versatility, from simple plait to five strands and beyond. One thing we know is that it’s evolving and becoming more wildly creative. Keep reading for innovative braiding ideas that can be used for all occasions. [click to continue…]

When looking for a simple way to make a nice, elegant hairstyle, you should consider a sock bun tutorial. It is probably not something that you can do when not at home unless you carry some extra socks with you or ready-made donuts from them. All in all, you will spend less than a couple of minutes to easily change your appearance once you learn how to make a sock bun. [click to continue…]

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