Brunette Hair Color Ideas and Hairstyles

Brunettes are clever, and blondes are beautiful… No-no-no! We don’t agree! Groomed brunette hair is gorgeous, sexy and captivating. Brunettes are usually happy with their natural hair color. It doesn’t look dull or lacks brightness which often happens with blonde and red hair. However, ladies with dark brown hair often want to introduce some variety into their hairstyles at the expense of subtle (or radical) changes of their natural hair hue. Modern hair color ideas for brunettes are unlimited. Something that looks especially ravishing in brunette hairstyles is the color solutions that involve the flow of hues from lighter to medium and darker ones. Brunette ombre hair and balayage highlights can be done with practically any color – from natural medium brown, red and blonde shades to really extravagant hues like teal, electric blue, purple, etc.