Hair Care

No secret that our hair needs little helpers to look its best and be our true joy. Hair ages same as we do and suffers from environmental factors every day. It’s our initial beauty duty to protect our locks or restore and maintain their health. Whether your hair is naturally curly, wavy or straight, dry, normal or greasy, you need to pick the right shampoo and conditioner. Got that covered? Inject a few organic treatments into your hair care routine, using natural products found in your fridge and rediscovering their properties. We are here to surprise you with new hair care tips, tricks and secrets, because we know your locks deserve to be pampered.

dry shampoo

Who doesn’t love the simplicity that comes with using a bottle of dry shampoo to create that second-day fresh style? If you went around and asked any girl what their go-to hair product is—there’s a good chance they’re going to tell you it’s dry shampoo. Every hair product company has a bottle of this magical stuff with their name on it and hair stylists swear up and down that this could be the cure-all to our hair woes, but what if I told you that dry shampoo has a few dirty little secrets that may actually be damaging our hair. [click to continue…]

No matter what your age is, we all have one goal we strive for in our beauty routine: to look younger. We take the time to apply serums, moisturizers and creams to our faces to stop the appearance of aging, but sometimes we forget about protecting our hair. Whether it is thinning, grey or damaged and dull, our hair has the ability to add unwanted years to our appearance and affect our confidence. Here are some of the best anti-aging hair care products to add to your routine to help your hair get that bounce back, and have you feeling and looking your best. [click to continue…]


When I first heard of eau micellaire, I thought that I was about to be introduced to some overly fragrant perfume, but it turned out the French had invented the product to take thea hair and skin care world by storm. [click to continue…]

You, our dear readers, frequently ask some advice how to save fried hair. Well, the magic wand for damaged locks doesn’t exist. However, your mane is not hopeless. Learn how to fix fried hair at home and what salon treatments are best in your case. [click to continue…]

jamaican black castor oil

Dryness has to be the biggest problem women with curly and kinky hair face. Unlike straight hair, a tight curl pattern makes it hard for sebum (an oily substance produced by your skin’s glands) to make its way down the shaft. Nobody wants damaged strands, which is why making up for that lack of moisture is so important. Hair oils are just the answer. They have the power to repair the driest of locks. Each one has its specific bonus points, but Jamaican black castor oil has become a natural-hair favorite because of its extra-strong power to nourish and protect. [click to continue…]

Flax seeds contain an extremely high amount of omega-3 and omega-6 alphalinolenic acid (ALA), which is further concentrated in cold pressed flaxseed oil, it also has an enormous amount of vitamin A, B and E, and it has become an irreplaceable ingredient of many medical and cosmetic products. [click to continue…]

In terms of the scientific method, I took 5 most popular DIY Avocado masks, we all read and heard fairy tales about, and tested each of them. So now, welcome to the deep-nourishing avocado hair masks guide! [click to continue…]

Apple cider vinegar is a known household product, but few of us are aware of its magic healing power. Full of vitamins, minerals, acids, fiber, antioxidants, and enzymes, it regulates the natural pH level of your hair, making locks smooth and easy to style. Want to know all the reasons why you should use apple cider vinegar for hair? Keep reading to find out!

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Now almost everyone uses oil in their daily or weekly hair care maintenance. Remember when people used to think “oil-free” was a good thing? Not anymore. We now know how important oil is for keeping our hair in balance when it comes to moisture. But, it’s hard to know which oil we should use for what purpose. Castor oil is a well-known cure for hair loss and thinning hair, a good natural remedy to replace expensive black hair products and one of the best ingredients for weak hair treatments.

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