DIY Bombshell Blowout: Quick and Easy Hollywood Hairstyle

Turn heads with this time-saving sultry bombshell hair style. Look like you’ve just emerged from the pages of a Victoria Secret catalog and make the street your catwalk. You don’t have to see your stylist every morning or spend a lot of money on expensive products and tools by following these effortless steps, you can achieve Victoria Secret model hair at home.

While You’re Washing

When prepping over a sink or in the shower, skip the conditioner this time, or go very sparingly-focusing only on unruly ends. Conditioner smooths the hair shaft helping it lie flat which is not what you want when you’re pumping up the volume on this look.

If skipping conditioner scares you off because of the frizz factor, focus on the brush you’re using. The wrong brush could be your main culprit in taming an unruly mane.

A special ionic brush or any made with boar bristles like this bestseller brush is ideal and the bigger and rounder the better for this look. Using a few different sizes can help make the look more natural.

Be sure to include a little heat protector before blowing out. It’s important to blow dry using maximum heat because damp hair causes frizz. There’s a wide range of products to choose from to protect hair from heat styling damage, Keratin offers a color safe styling cream.

For lightweight volume, try a bit of mousse like Kenra’s Extra Volume Boost focusing on roots and ends to achieve better style hold, using sparingly throughout the rest of your hair. This will give you a voluminous blow dry effect without weighing down strands in heavy product.

How to do a Hollywood Hair Blowout

Now that your hair is clean and perfectly prepped, it’s time to turn the air on. Be sure you’re equipped with the best tool for the job, a hair dryer with different heat settings can help.

Many of the hair dryer models these days offer features like negative ions that help diffuse frizz and maximize shine without slathering on conditioner and lots of product. The Berta Professional Negative Infrared blow dryer gets the job done in no time.

Do the Kelly Kapowski

For this preliminary quick dry, flip your hair in the opposite direction to the way you usually wear it giving you an exaggerated Saved by the Bell look, stay with me here this isn’t the final stage.

Before brush styling, finger comb and flip and dry to remove most of the moisture for this step. Drying upside down can help add extra body too. Come back up for air when hair is mostly dry and full of body–don’t worry about the look yet, you just want max hair volume.

Splitting Up

When hair is no longer soaking wet and manageable, it’s time to break it up into smaller sections. Use duck bill clips to organize hair into sections, and a concentrator attachment on your blow dryer. Most models come with, or you can find universal attachments to fit like the Diane Universal Dryer Concentrator.

This is where your round brush comes into play. Pull small sections of hair taut around brushing upward and spinning, focusing the hot concentrated air downward to set the style. For a general hair tutorial on round brushing check out Zinniah’s tips:

The most important factor to focus on when round brush drying is to make sure your roots are dry, if they are still damp when you set your style, your look will lose shape throughout the day and fall flat. As you finish heat drying a section blast each with a brief shot of cold air to set the sexy style.

As you wrap the hair around the brush and release it, as an option you can pin the curl into shape with bobby pins or soft duck bill clips, to lock in longer lasting style. Large velcro hair rollers also work to hold hair in place and set while you focus on other sections.

Start from the bottom finishing up at your crown sectioning it off into a pentagon shape. When blow drying the crown sections always ensure you are brushing hair upward and away from your face rolling the brush to dry curls facing a backward direction for the best volume.

Your Crowning Glory

Focus on the very front crown piece for the bangs, even if you don’t have any, this section will frame your face and complete the look. Spend a little extra time here and save it for last once the rest of your hair is set in pinned curls or hair rollers.

Show some love here, splitting the final front crown piece section into two and spending extra blow dry attention shaping round loose curls and waves.

Once all the hair is set in clips, use a volumizing hairspray for hold like She’s a Tease Apple Blossom Bamboo hairspray. Give the sprayed curls about 10 minutes to set while you do your makeup or decide on the perfect outfit to compliment this bombshell look.

Start unpinning from the nape of your neck and work your way up releasing all your curls finishing with another spritz of hairspray. Loosely tousle curls for a more relaxed look and shape around the face for your desired look.

Bombshell Blowouts for Days

To keep your hair looking Bond girl for days: avoid any water works. Stay equipped with an umbrella for rainy weather and pull on a shower cap when showering to protect your style.

Look but Don’t Touch

Admire your hair goals from afar, excessive touching can promote oil production and undo all your hard work. Day old hair can help add to volume so don’t rinse and repeat so soon. To nix oil buildup spray on a little dry shampoo on your roots like Acure Organic for all hair types.

Sleeping Beauty

To protect your luxurious style while you sleep consider investing in a satin pillowcase or wrap your head in a silk scarf.

Skip the Painstaking Perfection

Remember this style is meant to be a little out of control, not bed head, but playfully tousled like you’re in front of a fan at a photo shoot, you vixen model, you. This isn’t a style you obsess over putting each strand in place or smoothing and shelling out on multiple products and salons.

With the right tools and the steps described above you too can feel like you’re strutting past The Weekend while he croons to you on the Victoria Secret catwalk with your simple and beautiful bombshell blowout hair.