Blake Lively Perfect Hair Looks You’ll Want to Steal

Blake Lively’s luscious blonde hair is something many girls wish to achieve but that guarantee of sultry golden locks is promised to few of us. Let’s be honest, Blake Lively doesn’t have a bad hair day, in fact she might be our inspiration for some of the best hair moments we want to have. So, we suggest taking a look at twenty images that can help inspire us to look as beautiful as a celebrity enchanting the red carpet paparazzi.

#1: Go Blake Lively with Natural Hair Color

A lot of people don’t know this about Blake Lively but her hair takes a lot of work, and Rod Ortega her hairdresser almost always has his work cut out for him. She’s naturally a brunette with darker brown hair, so hiding those roots can be a real problem, like many of us that are dark and have gone blonde soon discover. Changing from our natural hair color can be a bit of a frustration, so, why don’t we just embrace nature and stop spending so much money at the salons?

Well as Blake Lively has proved some girls not only look better as blondes, but they just feel better too. Don’t worry, we won’t judge you if you want to stray from your natural hair color from time to time just as long as you’ll go back for a visit sometimes.

#2: High Ponytail with a Braid

This look is not only classy, but it’s also so easy to do! Blake Lively paired it with a lovely maroon dress and some sophisticated earrings to make the style appear less casual and more date night ready. If your hair isn’t cooperating with you, or you’re just exhausted from constantly trying to get it to work right, this is a great way to use the natural texture of your hair to your advantage.

If you really want to rock a high ponytail and make it look like you have thicker hair, try some hair extensions, but don’t forget to match them perfectly with your natural hair – or your high pony could turn into a fashion disaster.

#3: Messy Fishtail Braid

Blake Lively always makes a powerful statement with both her fun personality and her excellent sense of style. Many people are fans of the mermaid look that the fishtail braid incorporates, but it works exceptionally well on this blonde bombshell. If you’re looking into a very relaxed boho-chic wedding hair trend, then this might be the perfect answer. How can you get this look at home? Is it by using a lot of hair products and hiring a celebrity hair stylist? That might get you the end result more easily, but we’re strong and resilient, and we can get this look for a lot less and have fun doing it. Check out this amazing Youtube tutorial for an easy version of the fishtail braid!

#4: Brassy Redhead

If this red-haired vixen didn’t give you major red hair envy with her gorgeous hair color, than I don’t know what could do the trick. The brassy color gave her complexion a nice tone, and the shimmering hues of red made her eyes really pop – the great thing about this color is that it could be pulled off by any girl who is daring enough to give it a try. The question that they might be asking themselves after they get it done: why didn’t I do this sooner?

#5: Wavy Wonder

Though she always looks beautiful and mesmerizing, Blake Lively truly shines in her natural element using her waves to her advantage, and that really inspires us. I love how she looks like she’s just stepped out of an old Hollywood film set, but she still feels like she’s taken a very modern approach with her hair. The sections that are darker and seamlessly blended with the base color give a nice effect to the overall style. Vintage waves are a pretty easy thing to learn and be able to do at home. Check out this Youtube tutorial to wow your next dinner date!

#6: Straight Up Sophistication

Blake Lively embodies sophistication, especially with this beautiful style. We rarely get to see her pull a few strands behind her ears, but in this case it highlights those beautiful earrings. This is a pretty simple style to do at home. All you’ll need is a good hair straightener, a few bobby pins, some heat protectant spray and a part that works for you. Use the heat protectant spray and go about straightening your hair as you normally would, don’t forget to tuck two front strands behind your ears and add some adorable dangling earrings, and you’re ready for a night out on the town.

#7: Big and Bold

Here was a call to Blake Lively’s inner 70’s dancing diva with the big hair and hoop earrings. I feel like I’m looking at a movie star from another generation when I see this picture, but I think Blake Lively pulls off the look really well. If you have a cute headband, preferably one that’s a tie around, you can pull off this look. Make sure to pull your hair back off your forehead and place the headband on top of the pulled back hair. Tease the hair and add some hair spray to play with different textures–remember if you really want to embody a true dancing queen, the bigger the hair the better!

#8: Side Bun Fun

I miss the days when having a bun on the side of your head was really popular – I hope that Blake Lively brings this style back to the forefront. It’s a simple and chic way to do your hair when you’re really limited on time. If you want to complete the look at home you’ll need a hair tie, some bobby pins and hairspray. Check out this easy Youtube tutorial so you can go out and take the day in Blake Lively’s style!

#9: Bed Head Style

There’s nothing better than embracing what nature has given to you, and Blake Lively is the queen of making her natural texture work to her full advantage. With this particular style it appears that she’s just rolled out of bed with her I woke up like this attitude, but in fact the style probably took a little more effort than that. If you have a curling iron, turn it on and wait for it to set. Spray your hair with a heat protection spray and wait a few minutes. You’ll want to only curl the ends of your hair but leave the rest in its natural state. Add a good amount of hair spray so that it sticks as you brush through your hair with your fingers. Add one more coat of hairspray, throw on your favorite pair of jeans and you’ll be ready to hit the town without looking like you put a lot of effort into your look.

#10: Victorian Style

Maybe it’s just the dress that Blake Lively chose to wear, but I was definitely getting a sense of Victorian aristocrat when I first saw her with this style. She pulls off the vintage hairstyle beautifully leaving a few strands out for that messy look that is paired with a cascade of perfectly done curls. I like that the hair falls over one shoulder so as not to take away from the rest of her look, and it definitely tones down the amount of curls that Blake Lively has – we all know she has a lot of hair, so these really tight spiral curls could get out of control if not done correctly. As usual, Blake Lively does curls the right way and looks amazing!

#11: Loose Braid to the Side

Honestly, this year has been full of simple hair tricks to make it look like you put some effort into your hair – and after years of struggling with curling irons, hair straighteners and hair products it’s kind of nice to just relax. Blake Lively is one of those girls that are just naturally beautiful. She could go through as much or as little effort on her look and still come out looking gorgeous – it’s celebrities who dare to take something like the classic side braid and pair it with a designer dress that we should be praising. Thanks to them we now get the green light to be stylish and wear these simple hairstyles any way we want! I also like that she used a piece of her hair to wrap around the bottom to hide the elastic holding the braid in and those extra strands she left out to make her look appear even more effortless and chic.

#12: Ballerina Bun

You might think Blake Lively stole this iconic look from our favorite Disney Princess, Cinderella. She pulls it off so well though that we won’t judge her for wanting to be a princess for a day, and the high bun that’s done in a formally chic way looks amazing paired with that flattering ball gown. Ballerina buns are another fun and versatile way to do your hair because you can wear them when you have to go for a run around the track or do errands at the grocery store – they also look flattering with your favorite black dress!

#13: Half Up-Do Heart Loop

You might think that this look should only be worn on Valentine’s Day, but why not show our hair love every day? We work hard to look our best and sometimes we just want to pull a Blake Lively and wear a half up-do in the shape of a heart. What’s the secret to creating this look? For supplies you’re going to need bobby pins, elastic bands, a hairbrush, holding spray and a curling iron. Check out this great tutorial and get ready to be bombarded with compliments.

#14: Beach Blonde

Blake Lively looks like she’s just stepped out of a photoshoot next to some ocean with these very light blonde locks – it makes me want to go lay on an ocean blanket for hours to hopefully lighten my hair a few shades. If you’ve been contemplating about getting your hair lightened, now is the perfect time to do it! Go to your salon and show your stylist this picture of Blake Lively’s beach blonde wavy hair, and hopefully you’ll be enjoying your golden locks before summer even arrives.

#15: Simple and Chic Low Ponytail

Blake Lively pulls out another simple style that can easily be done at home – this cute messy low ponytail. She adds a bit of dramatic flair to it, of course, by leaving out a few strands to curl and wrapping a section around the elastic part to hide it – but at the end of the day it’s just a low ponytail made to look like a sophisticated hairstyle. If you really want to add a bit of drama and flair to the style, try to use some sparkly bobby pins and pull back the strands that you curl instead of letting them hang loose around your head. You’ll be looking simply marvelous before you know it.

#16: Vintage Vixen

If you know who Jessica Rabbit is from Who Framed Roger Rabbit, you’ll easily see the comparison between Blake Lively and the character – although Blake Lively obviously has a bit more of a classy approach to the vintage vixen style. I adore girls that can wear their hair in perfect waves like these, and although many people think it’s a challenge, with a little know-how and can-do attitude, you could complete this gorgeous look at home in no time. This tutorial should help you achieve vintage waves with ease!

#17: Textured Ponytail

Blake Lively paired a ponytail that might have looked messy and casual with a glamorous red dress, and that’s how she made the look work. We all experience bad hair days, and sometimes, when our hair isn’t working for us, we’ve got to compromise and try to work with it. That’s why the textured pony is a great alternative for those days when our hair feels really rough and frazzled. If you want it to take on that chic and stylish flair, all you have to do is pair it with your best dress and high heels – and you’ll look gorgeously modern.

#18: Messy Bun

My favorite hairstyle is the messy bun, because it’s the easiest to pull off when I wake up really late – I feel like the messy bun isn’t intentionally messy for Blake Lively, but a girl can hope that a celebrity sometimes has those rough days too. Blake’s messy bun is a bit more professional than something you may be able to do at home – but trust me, if you do as many messy buns as I do each week, you’re going to become a pro at it in no time. Just put your hair up in a ponytail and loop it around to secure. I like to add braids or bobby pins if I’m not completely strapped for time, but if you are, then a simple messy bun will still have you looking fabulous without a lot of effort.

#19: Classy Curls

There’s nothing that reminds me more of style than a simple curl done a little differently – Blake Lively chooses to curl her hair in the opposite direction to give herself a sleek wave that we all aspire to achieve. I like the daringness of this look, and it’s not often that celebs choose to embrace a wave like this, but when they do, it works wonders. I hope that her wearing this style means that it will make its way back into the hair world, because we could all make waves for this elegant style.

#20: Half Updo

Blake Lively made the half updo a classic in Gossip Girl; I can’t even think about what her hairstyle was before the half up. She does do this one a bit different, straying from her normally wavy or curly texture and instead choosing a more relaxed style. This look is pretty easy to achieve just by taking the hair from  your forehead and pulling it back. You’ll probably want to straighten all of your hair before you put it into the half updo, so the style will stay longer. If you’re looking for an easy go-to hairstyle, you can never go wrong with the chic half updo.

Where would we be without a little inspiration from Blake Lively hairstyles? The girl knows how to work her magic, and we’re hoping that a bit of her effortless beauty will be bestowed on us. If you’ve been a fan of Blake Lively since the beginning, then these pictures should help you bring back your love for Gossip Girl, it’s okay if you have a little bit of fangirl crush – after all, Blake Lively has been our hair inspiration since that show first aired in 2007! We hope you’ll join us in looking just as fabulous as Blake Lively for over a decade.