Bhringraj Oil for Hair Growth

It’s so easy these days to imagine new beauty products as better. Why wouldn’t the latest development in eye cream formula work more effectively than a plant extract? Well, there seems to be a reason so many natural treatments like tea tree oil and coconut oil have always been a popular solution to many beauty woes. Sometimes, natural just works best. In recent years, one of the oldest treatments is finally gaining widespread popularity for its incredible results.

Bhringraj Oil

The name Bhringraj may be unfamiliar to the Western world, but in India this plant can be found growing all throughout the country and has been used as a part of traditional Indian medicine for thousands of years. Its uses vary, including stress relief and hair darkening, but its best asset is its ability to rejuvenate hair growth.

All parts of the bhringraj plant have powerful qualities; the root acts as a diuretic and the plant has antiseptic qualities. It’s a source for many healthful chemicals like ascorbic acid and alkaloids that do wonders for the body. In Ayurveda health, the bhringraj oil comes with an added plus: it’s known to increase the pitta in one’s body (what gives us the sense of calmness), so when bhringraj is used for your hair’s health, it’s good for your stress and anxiety, too.

Bhringraj plant

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How to Use

When applied to your scalp, bhringraj oil strengthens and stimulates the hair follicle, encouraging hair growth. Because it’s a natural oil, it is easily absorbed through the pores but won’t clog them. Whether you suffer from baldness, dandruff, or weak and unhealthy hair, bhringraj has been proven as a great healer.

Apply a small amount to the center of your scalp and gently massage all over. The key here is in the massaging. By doing so, you increase blood flow, helping with the absorption of chemicals and introducing a calm feelings to the body and mind. Remember to be gentle.

You can leave the oil on for a few hours but it’s best not to sleep with it on overnight. The same stress relieving properties of bhringraj oil also are very cooling, so stick to an hour or two for the treatment.

Bhringraj oil

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Where Can I Get Bhringraj Oil?

A quick Google search can clue you in to which health, Ayurveda, and beauty retailers sell bhringraj oil, including Amazon. However, you can easily make bhringraj oil yourself. By combining the leaf of the bhringraj plant with an oil base (most people use coconut), bhringraj oil is easily made.

homemade hair mask

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Get your hands on some bhrungraj leaves and blend them but not into a paste, more like a rough chop. On the stove, blend with coconut oil and heat for 5-10 minutes. Once large bubbles occur, all of the H20 is evaporated and you know your mixture is pure. Allow the oil to cool and leave overnight in a jar with a lid. It’s ready for use the next day.