Shanon Stewart

Being the owner of The Northern Ghostwriter, a word nerd, a fountain pen enthusiast, and a tea drinker, Shanon is also obsessed with hairstyles! We met Shanon because she followed Sali Rasa’s account being also a writer and editor. Destiny? Of course!

When you’re traveling, every ounce of extra weight in your bag can make a difference. Weight limits and baggage charges can turn your trip planning into a logistical nightmare. Do you sacrifice your favorite pair of pumps or risk getting a cold without your bulky sweater? If you’re the type who has to sit on your suitcase to zip it up, then a travel-sized hair dryer might help you pack for your next trip. There’s no need to sacrifice style when you travel with these compact, yet powerful little tools. You can look perfectly polished on your next vacation with a travel blow dryer.

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