Michelle Palsson Horvath

Michelle is a photographer and creator from Sweden. You will most likely find her at a vintage store looking for hidden gems, or in the botanical garden smelling flowers like Ferdinand the bull. One can describe her style as romantic, vintage, and floral. Ever since she was young, she's always had a creative project going on, something which later resulted in her earning her Bachelor of Arts degree.

As an idolizer of Parisian fashion, as well as vintage styles, it is really hard to never buy a new scarf. Every time I go vintage shopping, I always see unique scarves that I “need”. I have scarves in all kinds of sizes, patterns, colors and fabrics. But one might not really know what to do with an often very colorful and patterned piece of fabric. Therefore, in this article, I’ll demonstrate five different French-chic hair looks you can easily do yourself. [click to continue…]