Alexander Wang Brings Back the Boys Cut

The model’s in Alexander Wang’s Fall 2017 show rocked a very specific hairstyle – the boys cut. The style gave homage to the early 1990s when the tomboy aesthetic first became mainstream popular for women.

Some of those boy cuts that the models were rocking were takes on the bowl cut, which hasn’t been in style for quite some time. There were also mushroom haircuts, messy pixie styles, and even a bleached out buzz cut.

Redken’s Creative Director, Guido Palau, was the man in charge of the transformations, and he cited 90s’ supermodels like Linda Evangelista as inspiration. He said that the style is about “individual beauties and girls that take their own risks.” “It’s bold and boyish,” he continued. “It’s inspiring to think about taking control of your own beauty. Evangelista was inspiring to people because she took chances with her beauty.”

Guido also mentioned Chloe Sevigne in the film Kids as an inspiration, and said that basically the look was “homemade – cuts that looked like your mother, brother, or boyfriend could do.”

Certainly the look isn’t for everyone, since boyish and homemade are not key style words for all women. But since it takes a certain interest to pull off the style, that’s exactly why is makes such an impact when it does work.

Not all of the models who walked in Alexander’s show got the snip. Those who did not, such as Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, were treated to some “slept in” hair looks with plenty of natural looking waves.

The looks were accentuated by the makeup choices, which ranged from bleached brows, heavy dark eyeliner, or no makeup at all. All of them stayed on trend with the early 90s vibe.

Anyone interested in transitioning into a boy cut of their own should of course keep in mind that although the finished result can look like it was done at home, the style is usually best left to a professional to pull off. The good news about the trendy boy cuts is that they are incredibly low maintenance, so women looking for a more effective wash and go look can make great use of the style.