Shag Haircuts, Fine Hair and Your Most Gorgeous Looks

Every woman with fine hair knows that shag haircuts make her mane appear thicker. A good shag haircut for thin hair is like your best fitting dress: you wear it with minimal accessories and unfailingly look flawless. Skillfully cut layers will ease your styling, accentuate texture and boost volume. Here are 20 great ideas on shags for short, medium and long hair.

Shag Haircuts, Fine Hair and the Best You Can Afford

Let’s check what is proper for you and your hair.

#1: Subtle Ombre Shag

Short shags have been popular for decades. Joan Jett, Meg Ryan and Jennifer Aniston have all made the look popular. The modern version of the style shown here incorporates messy layers and a subtle ombre for an effortlessly cool hairdo.

#2: Marvelous Mauve Shaggy Bob

Fine hair typically lacks body. Shag haircuts for fine hair combat this by using layers to create the illusion of volume. Another way to achieve this is with dye. Darker shades at the roots make hair appear thicker.

#3: Soft Silvery Shag

While most shaggy cuts are usually for short to medium lengths, the style can also work for long hair. The key is to keep a few super short layers throughout the crown to generate movement. Blend them with a heavy side bang to create a seamless look.

#4: Blonde Bang for Fine Hair

Pixie cuts aren’t usually for fine hair because shorter styles sometimes look thinner. But, you can fake the appearance of thicker hair by keeping the cropped section dark and your front bang lighter.

#5: Shaggy Fringe Bangs

Fringe bangs are perfect for shag haircuts fine hair because by appearing thin in the front, they make the rest of the style look fuller. Take it to the next level with soft curls that really amp up the volume.

#6: Bouncy Blonde Shag

One of the easiest ways to give thin hair a boost is with a curling iron. Soft spirals take hair from flat to fabulous. But, make sure that you finger comb the curls so that they aren’t too formal.

#7: Straight Shag Cut

Just because you wear your hair straight doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice a voluminous style. A spritz of dry shampoo absorbs oil and gives your strands some instant texture. Pastel purple hair really helps blue eyes to pop.

#8: Creamsicle Shaggy Crop

If you want a light pastel shade to update your shag hairstyles for fine hair, but think it may show off the lack of thickness within your strands, a peach color is the perfect fit for you. Cream tones are a great middle ground between bold bright shades and softer hues.

#9: Classic Chin-Length Shag

Many women want to rock a fun multi-layered style, but worry about fitting into the dress code at a conservative work environment. The key is to keep the shape classic like a bob cut, so that you can wear it straightened and polished for day and messy and carefree for nights and weekends.

#10: Chunky Blonde Highlights for Fine Hair

Although layers are great for creating fullness, too many of them can have the reverse effect and make your style look too flat. Instead of overloading on a heavy cut, create depth and dimension with blonde highlights on a medium brown base.

#11: Mid-Length Multi-Colored Shag

The same rule that you use for natural highlights can be used for your more colorful hairdos. Just select a highlight color that’s two shades lighter than your base. Lavender streaks create a beautiful contrast in dark purple shaggy hairstyles for fine hair.

#12: Cute Shaggy Curls

Curly hair can also be fine; fine hair just means the strand itself is thin, but there can still be a lot of hair present as opposed to thin hair. Just make sure that you don’t weigh your natural curls down with strong hold products.

#13: Blonde Ombre Shag

If you like your overall hair color but want to give it a subtle boost, stick with an ombre that is within the same shade family. The platinum ends add vibrancy to the model’s skin and the parted layers give her shoulder-length style structure and definition.

#14: Bob with Shaggy Bangs

Layers are extremely important for bob cuts because they keep them from looking too round or like a bowl cut. They also provide some much needed volume in a style that would be otherwise lacking. Because the layers are so short throughout the crown of your shag haircut for fine hair, it’s best to incorporate some fringe in the front for balance.

#15: Side Swept Bangs for Fine Hair

Women with larger foreheads should opt for pixie cuts that have long face framing layers. Side bangs will effectively shorten the visage, but make sure that they stop around the eyebrows so that they aren’t too heavy on the face.

#16: Heavy Side Bang Shag

Short haircuts are all about balance. If you have a heavy bang in the front, a tapered section around the nape of the neck will keep your hairdo from being overwhelming. Dark roots are no longer a faux pas with blonde hair. Keep them to give your style the illusion of thickness.

#17: Carefree Shaggy Waves

Women are gravitating towards shag haircuts for fine hair because they have become incredibly popular again. In the nineties the style was marked by heavy layers and bouncy curls, but now it is more “lived-in” with natural looking color and soft waves.

#18: Two-Tone Shag

One of the easiest tricks to achieve a brighter, more youthful appearance is to bring a blonde streak to the face framing sections. Choosing the right blonde really depends on the person’s complexion. Soft, light shades tend to complement both warm and cool skin tones.

#19: Parisian Shag for Thin Hair

‘French girl hair’ has to be one of the most popular Google searches nowadays, and for good reason. The unbelievably low-key yet chic messy waves are perfect for any occasion, whether you have a first date, job interview or cocktail party.

#20: Long Pastel Purple Hair

Long hair can look limp if it’s not layered correctly, that is why shag hairstyles for fine hair are the best option. Because the hair is so much shorter throughout the bangs and crown, highlights on the ends balance out the look.

Fine hair can be your problem or your blessing. If you know how to style it beautifully, you won’t ever complain. Here’s a great guide on hairstyles for thin hair we can gladly share with you.