Every season is a wedding season, because love knows no time limits. Meanwhile, bridal trends are more capricious and transient. Even the timeless classic style reckons with ultramodern voguish rules. If you’re still lost in a heap of thematic magazines, in search of a perfect hair idea for your biggest day, this article will save you from the unnecessary fuss. We’ve gathered the most fashionable and charming bridal hairstyles for you to get inspired and eventually choose the right one. [click to continue…]

Ponytail hairstyles are known to be practical, but they can also be sexy. Sweeping strands away from the face but letting lengths hang free gives a youthful yet polished effect. The style is easily adaptable for black hair, shorter, hair, or fine hair. If you’re looking for a modern take on the updo, look no further. [click to continue…]

Aging can be empowering; yet, it can still come with unwanted side effects. This can be especially true in the beauty department, as skin and hair have to work much harder to retain moisture and structure. While gray hair is beautiful and a part of life, we all want to be sure that we’re maximizing hair health to the fullest, even as we begin to age. [click to continue…]

Most women don’t have the intentions of styling themselves to look older and on the contrary, many would prefer to look younger.

Pretty much any style decision has the potential to make you look older or younger, whether that’s makeup, clothing or hairstyle. Here are four hairstyle mistakes that commonly age people and how to avoid them. [click to continue…]

Things are starting to look peachy keen this spring with the newest hair color trend emerging in warm sherbet shades of peach. Rather than outright bleaching your hair in the past with a popular white shade—trendsetters are opting for pastel shades of orange to mix it up. Subtle hues like rose and violet also complement soft peachy highlights. [click to continue…]

Whether you’re growing out shorter locks, chopping off damaged ends or just prefer a lower maintenance cut, there’s a medium-length hairstyle out there for you. These 10 celebrities rock their own medium-length styles and have plenty of awesome looks we’d like to steal. [click to continue…]

Remember the coveted mood ring back in the day? Well, now that same magic can be captured in a color-changing hair dye thanks to fashion designer and chemist Lauren Bowker. [click to continue…]

Kylie has once again set the cool tones for the year with a style that makes iciness look hot—silver hair. The trend of this hue is coming in as strong as a blizzard and we don’t blame anyone for wanting to brave the cold to try these icy silver locks. It’s been spotted on Kylie Jenner, Evan Rachel Wood, Jourdan Dunn and many other celebrities are following their lead—it’s a style we’re sure you’ll want to frost your locks in right away. [click to continue…]

Did you know you could permanently damage your hair if you don’t care for it properly? The damage can occur from the most common problems of dryness, breakage and even hair loss. These annoyances are commonly experienced in African-American hair, but there’s an easy and fast way to get all your unique hair related questions answered now—thanks to the world of YouTube beauty vloggers. [click to continue…]

If you’ve been searching for an easier way to switch up your hairstyle without too much commitment, side braids could be your next go-to. Side braids are an easy way to experiment with your everyday hairstyle, and it’s also a great way to take advantage of your next bad hair day by testing out some new techniques to revive your lifeless second-day hair. Braids emit a romantic, whimsical spirit and can effortlessly enhance your normal look. Let’s take a look the five best side braid styles to try right now. [click to continue…]