Lately we had sunk to new levels of looking natural and not giving a damn, due to nude makeup techniques, normcore fashion and body positive culture. Hair styling trendsetters had nothing to do except joining the club. So, meet the shower-fresh hair trend ― a logical continuation of natural beauty philosophies and “The less is more” mantras. Choose effortless, wind-styled surfer waves for casual life and the glamorous wet effect à la Kim Kardashian for your femme-fatale’s alter-ego. This article gathers all essential tips and inspirational pics needed to follow such an awesome trend! [click to continue…]

mens hairstyles for 2017

New year, new hairstyles—it’s time to step up your game in 2017. This year we are spotting street cool yet business appropriate short haircuts, long length styles, fringe and slicked back looks that are as photogenic as ever. Interested in taking on a new style? Check out the top men’s hairstyles for 2017 that are sure to be on your radar, sooner rather than later. [click to continue…]

The model’s in Alexander Wang’s Fall 2017 show rocked a very specific hairstyle – the boys cut. The style gave homage to the early 1990s when the tomboy aesthetic first became mainstream popular for women.

Some of those boy cuts that the models were rocking were takes on the bowl cut, which hasn’t been in style for quite some time. There were also mushroom haircuts, messy pixie styles, and even a bleached out buzz cut. [click to continue…]

Finding the energy and motivation to just make it to the gym nowadays can be difficult enough, especially if you don’t want to look like you just rolled out of bed. Try the quick and easy hairstyles below to get you on track and looking more pulled together than you might feel starting out. [click to continue…]

Nothing is sexier than effortless, beachy waves. It looks great on everyone and the only styling work it requires is a dip in the ocean. But tousled, beachy hair comes with a price. Saltwater may give hair great texture, but it’s also extremely damaging. The high salt content sucks the natural moisture out of hair, causing brittle dryness. Taking a few dips at the beach isn’t enough to wreak serious damage but it’s enough to require some repairing, and major beach bums need an intervention, stat! Fortunately, with a few useful tips and adjustments, dry and damaged hair can be restored to its original beauty and shine. [click to continue…]

If there’s one thing we all wish we could buy more of, it would be time; especially in the morning when it comes to our beauty routine. Of course we all love the process of getting primped for fun occasions like going out with friends on the weekends but when it comes to the average day-to-day, most of us would rather spend the extra time in the morning sneaking in some extra shut eye rather than trying to tame our bedhead. [click to continue…]

kylie jenner

Kylie Jenner is anything but boring—in fact, the girl is pretty well-known for her many shocking and awe-inspiring hair transformations. This week the star was spotted with some long sherbert-colored locks when she was photographed in New York on her way to the launch of her Kylie Cosmetics pop-up event. [click to continue…]

low maintenance haircut

If you don’t have the luxury of time (or patience) to spend hours styling your hair each day then choosing a low maintenance haircut is going to be ideal. Some cuts just wash and go more effectively than others. But of course, you still want it to look good. Here are some on trend haircuts for this year that are also low maintenance and easy to work with. [click to continue…]

dry shampoo

Who doesn’t love the simplicity that comes with using a bottle of dry shampoo to create that second-day fresh style? If you went around and asked any girl what their go-to hair product is—there’s a good chance they’re going to tell you it’s dry shampoo. Every hair product company has a bottle of this magical stuff with their name on it and hair stylists swear up and down that this could be the cure-all to our hair woes, but what if I told you that dry shampoo has a few dirty little secrets that may actually be damaging our hair. [click to continue…]

No matter what your age is, we all have one goal we strive for in our beauty routine: to look younger. We take the time to apply serums, moisturizers and creams to our faces to stop the appearance of aging, but sometimes we forget about protecting our hair. Whether it is thinning, grey or damaged and dull, our hair has the ability to add unwanted years to our appearance and affect our confidence. Here are some of the best anti-aging hair care products to add to your routine to help your hair get that bounce back, and have you feeling and looking your best. [click to continue…]