Beyonce knows how to wow her fans with her fantastic voice and amazing style – but for a girl who grew up in her mom’s hair salon in Houston should we really expect anything less than hair greatness from Queen Bey? You may have noticed that Beyonce has started sticking to pretty natural hair after all of her hair transformations. Can we blame her? If you’re a fan of Beyonce then you’re going to love this guide showing you how to embrace your inner pop princess’ hairstyle. [click to continue…]

Blake Lively’s luscious blonde hair is something many girls wish to achieve but that guarantee of sultry golden locks is promised to few of us. Let’s be honest, Blake Lively doesn’t have a bad hair day, in fact she might be our inspiration for some of the best hair moments we want to have. So, we suggest taking a look at twenty images that can help inspire us to look as beautiful as a celebrity enchanting the red carpet paparazzi. [click to continue…]

Turn heads with this time-saving sultry bombshell hair style. Look like you’ve just emerged from the pages of a Victoria Secret catalog and make the street your catwalk. You don’t have to see your stylist every morning or spend a lot of money on expensive products and tools by following these effortless steps, you can achieve Victoria Secret model hair at home. [click to continue…]

Hair ribbon was undoubtedly the biggest hair trend from the Fall 2017 runways. From Rochas to Marchesa, Temperley London and Tory Burch, lead stylists adorned braids, low ponytails, and half-up styles with a black hair ribbon. Because so many well-known fashion houses put a ribbon in hair to complete their looks, it’s easy to imagine this trend as a new and fresh idea. However, decorating hair with ribbon to make a statement has been a part of history far more than we even realize. [click to continue…]

You want to bring a photo of Emma Stone to your stylist, but you’re not sure her cut will flatter your face. You think you’re ready to take the leap to brilliant blonde or lovely lavender locks, but you’re afraid of the commitment. You’d love to achieve the perfect updo for prom, but you’ve never done one before. [click to continue…]

We all love some good make-up contouring but what would you do if I told you that this same concept could be applied to your hair? The latest and greatest trend in new ways to highlight hair is none other than hair strobing. You may have heard of strobing for your face but now this innovative technique can be applied to your luscious locks for an incredible new look. [click to continue…]

You probably wonder how so many celebrities have the courage to switch up their hairstyles so dramatically, especially when they decide to wear those thick, bushy bangs. Lucy Hale and Gigi Hadid are some examples of celebs who have enjoyed experimenting with faux bang styles for an easy way to add a dramatic and fresh take on their look. Clip on bangs are exactly how they sound; hair extensions made specifically for bangs! [click to continue…]

Let’s face it: that advice from our stylist to come in for color touch-ups every four weeks doesn’t always fit into our budgets or our busy schedules. Fortunately, there are some root cover up products on the market to save us from funky color mishaps and unwanted root regrowth. But can root concealer really leave you looking like you just stepped out from the salon? They’re not all created equal, so we’ve rounded up the best products to hide root regrowth and keep your hair looking cute and budget-friendly. [click to continue…]

wavy hair

Wavy hair, don’t care! When you have naturally wavy hair, it can be hard to find the right hair products and tools to use that will work with your hair type. Some women have hair that’s not quite straight but not super curly either. Wavy hair is its own type, whether you have fine strands or thick locks. It can be hard to keep your locks nourished and static free. Investing in the right hair products, finding your own personal hair care routine, mastering your blow-dryer and doing a research will be very useful. The struggle is real with waves! However; there are tips and tricks for naturally wavy hair that will work wonders! [click to continue…]

Healthy beautiful hair is not a sprint – this is a marathon that you can fail due to your bad hair habits. Hair loss, thinning, brittle hair, dry hair mostly is the result of your actions. Multiple brushing, as an inescapable part of your hair-care routine, can lead to long-term damages of your hair. On the contrary, proper regular combing can be extremely beneficial for your locks. In other words, daily combing like a workout for your scalp helps to keep your roots in tonus. [click to continue…]