40 Best Long Straight Hairstyles and Haircuts to Bring Out Your Charm

Long straight hair is a benchmark of women’s beauty, especially if your locks are healthy, groomed, cut correctly and styled flatteringly. The abundance of different stylish hairstyles for your poker straight tresses impresses. So how to style your long straight hair in 2017?

Hairstyles For Long Straight Hair

View our selection of the best images, get inspired and be ready to conquer mens’ hearts!

#1: Straight Hair, Don’t Care

Simple, light and easygoing is what makes straightened and layered hair so enjoyable. Part your hair off to the side and lightly mist with hairspray. If you straighten your hair with a straightener, prevent heat damage to your ends by applying a quality protectant.

#2: Catch the Long Hair Wave

From medium to long hair, loose waves are fun and easygoing hairdos. You can get this look in less time with a wave-enhancing product and a blow-dryer set to low heat. Otherwise, add in curls with a curling iron and gently loosen them out with your fingers. Apply some hair spray down your tresses to hold those waves in place.

#3: Flip Out Your Long Straight Hair

If you’ve got long straight hair then you’re ready to pull off a classic look. Multiple layers give your hairdo some extra body. Use a round brush to build volume and flip the ends out. A deep side part creates a fabulous cascade to one side resolving in a slightly messy but totally elegant style.

#4: Enhance Your Straight Hair Game

Fabulous long locks can look more luscious than ever with loosely curled ends. Blow dry the top two thirds of your hair straight. For the bottom portion, use a round brush to add volume to your ends. Or try a thick barreled curling iron on low to medium heat.

#5: Long Straight Strands

Every girl wants to know how to style the perfect beach-chic hairdo. Apply a fine salt water mist and keep scrunching your hair while blowdrying. It only gets better on days two and three.

#6: Long, Loose and Lovely

Long straight hairstyles can look rich and graceful with loose curls. Start curling your long hair below the chin. Use a straightener to curl loosely 1-2 inches wide strands. Set it to low or medium heat to avoid tight ringlets and minimize the heat damage to your locks.

#7: Dark Allure of Long Straight Hair

Black hair deserves a sultry style. Loose and unkempt waves make thick hair look more luxurious. Add straight bangs to accentuate the eyes. Polish off with shine-enhancing spray.

#8: Long and Strong

The straightened out mane really speaks for itself: healthy, strong and full of life. Mist in frizz-defying spray or styling oil – depending on how dry or oily your hair is. For an even more lustrous look, lightly cover your strands with a shine and hairspray combo.

#9: Layer Up Your Straight Hair

Long straight hairstyles with lots of layers create body and movement. Get chin length layers to frame your face followed by several more layers down the length of your hair.

#10: Nothing but Neat Long Hair

The ultimate Jennifer Anniston look is multi-layered with face-framing strands. An expertly cut style naturally adds body. Whether your hair is pin straight or has a slight wave, it’s a cut that’s sophisticated and timeless.

#11: Braided Crown for Long Hair

Long straight haircuts offer so much versatility in hairstyles, involving endless possibilities for braids. Revive the romantic era with a pretty crown fishtail. Pull at the braid delicately, loosening it. Wrap the braid around your head and secure it on the other side. Leave out long tendrils in the front to frame your face.

#12: Long Careless Tail

If you’re seeking cute hair ideas for your long cut, then look no further than an adorably disheveled braid from continuous looped ponytails with a messy finish. Leave a few inches of undone hair at the end and toss it over your shoulder.

#13: Offside Bun for Long Straight Hair

When you’re planning a hair-up-day but feel uninspired about the same old braid or bun, try a look that covers the best of both worlds. Add a pretty loose French braid along the hairline and feed its end into a low and messy side bun.

#14: Pink Princess Look for Straight Hair

What better way to show off the versatility of your gorgeous long straight hair than by accessorizing it with cute hairpins. The easiest crown braid can be achieved from two plaits braided along the sides of your head and brought together at the nape. Disperse some gold or colored pins throughout. For extra pop, consider a color makeover, choosing a surprisingly bright color like shocking pink or fuchsia.

Pink Crown Braid Updo

Instagram/ @chitabeseau

#15: Twisted Tresses for Long Hair

A remixed French roll is a fun way to change up your casual updo. Start this chignon as a looped through ponytail, then divide the end of your looped pony in two parts, twist the left part around the right one and pin the final twist as a semi-circle. Try this look on unwashed hair for better hold.

Chignon Updo Hairstyle

Instagram/ @jenniekaybeauty

#16: Long Hair with a Standout Braid

Liven up your loose curls with an unexpected French braid. For thicker manes, grab a section of hair at the top of the head. Braid this section and trail it off towards the nape. Leave a few inches in the end hanging loosely and secure the braid with hidden pins.

#17: Straight Hair, Low Weave

Try other romantic hairstyles for long straight hair, like a loose and messy variety of Gibson tuck updo. This can be done with a wrap around a headband. Secure the wrapped sections tightly with pins. Attempt this look on grittier hair to help keep its shape.

#18: Funky Fishtail for Straight Hair

Start out with a fishtail braid beginning at the top of your head. Weave it down one side, gradually loosening as you go. The end can be solved as a bun at the nape of your neck or as a crown braid that continues along the hairline up to the other side. Gently relax the top of the braid to even out the look.

#19: Chunky Braid Updo for Long Hair

Weave a loose French braid starting at the top of your head and leading straight down. Instead of tying it off at the end, wrap it back up to one side and secure with pins behind the ear. Give it some height by weaving it tight to the scalp and then loosening it gently with your fingers once complete.

#20: Braided Chignon for Long Straight Hair

Sometimes you need an updo day, and for those of us with long straight haircuts these days can happen more frequently than we care to admit. A loose braid pulled into an under-tucked bun is a gorgeous look that does the trick.

#21: Braided Parting and Headband

This cute triple braid offers an innovative look with a braided detail that serves as a fancy hair accessory and, at the same time, prevents the front locks from falling into your face.

#22: Long Blonde Curls

Running low on hair ideas? Here is a sophisticated look taken straight from the beauty pages. Long blonde curls are a dream of almost all long-and-straight-haired ladies, but luckily, we have all the tools! Use a hot iron or rollers to create flowing waves of all sizes!

#23: Crown Braid Bun Combination

There are so many hairdos out there – and even more for long hair. This double braided bun combination is sweet, and we love the curves of every line as the braids accent highlights and mid-tones. Style two lacy braids and feed them into a messy bun.

#24: Curly Nest

For new long straight hairstyles, look no further than this next one. It’s a larger bun consisting of individual chunks that have been twisted and tucked to create texture and volume! We love it!

#25: Top Knot with Side Braid Detail

This is an easy one! A messy bun half updo, accented with one side braid, shows off quite a bit of height and volume. And of course, bright red tones always attract the eye!

#26: Double Braid Updo with Curl Detail

Thick hair has been the greatest envy of all thin-haired people since…well, forever! If you think you want thick hair though, think again. It can be very difficult untangling and separating all those locks. This long crown braid wraps around the head, creating almost a hat!

#27: Sock Bun with Braid

Haircuts for long straight hair do seem to involve more styling and less cutting. This sock bun gives you a bigger donut. Pull all of your hair up high, roll up a sock tube with toes cut off, and place it around the ponytail. Tuck and pin, and then braid the ends for a wrap-around to finish this gorgeous style.

#28: Wide Surface Braid in Silver

Want a new cute idea? Try this wide surface braid! It’s very loose, creating more open loops, almost like a braided loaf. It starts at the top of the head and cascades down the left side to create a unique and fun new look.

#29: Charlene’s Angels

Black girls’ hair is so fun to style! This is a new take on the 70’s hair made popular by Farah Fawcett in Charlie’s Angels. But we decided Charlene was a better boss, and this is the hair we want her to have right here. A generous amount of gold dusting the top and wide wings ensure this look lives on forever.

#30: Half Up, Half Down Top Knot

Thin hair can definitely be grown out and styled to seem as if it’s thicker than it really is. One way is to add a twisted bun up top, creating some texture and not pulling all of the hair very tight.

#31: Exquisite Look For Fine Hair

Fine poker straight hair always causes many troubles. If you opt to wear your locks long, give your preference to a layered haircut and style light volume-boosting waves. Nicole Richie gives us a good example. The chic Indian style hair piece like Nicole’s should be heavy enough to fix your hair and stay in place.

Nicole Richie hairstyle for long straight hair

EverettCollection / Shutterstock.com

#32: Half Up Half Down Hairstyle

The easiest way to style your straight hair into a showy hairstyle is to make a half up half down ‘do like Ashley Greene’s. Section out the crown hair, apply volumizing styling powder and backcomb your locks for a bouffant. Add light curls at the ends of your locks, using a large-barrel curling iron and fix your hairstyle with hair spray.

hairstyle for long straight hair with bangs

EverettCollection / Shutterstock.com

#33: Symmetric Lob

It’s easy to style bob of any length for straight hair. To achieve the perfect sleekness and shine of Elle Fanning’s locks, use ceramic-plated flat irons. Don’t forget to apply a heat protectant previously.

elle fanning lob hairstyle for straight hair

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

#34: Face-Framing Layers

The layering of Sofia Vergara’s long locks starts below the chin, at the shoulder level. The smooth face-framing layers add volume and soften the haircut lines. This haircut will be flattering for girls and women with round and square faces. If your hair is fine, it’s a worthy haircut choice.

long layered haircut for straight hair

DFree / Shutterstock.com

#35: Sharply Angled Haircut

Jennifer Lopez looks breathtaking with her stylish long haircut! It features sharply angled layers throughout the length. If your hair is thick, this haircut will render your locks an appealing silhouette and remove the excessive bulk. When styling your hair, define the ends with a matte wax.

long layered haircut for straight thick hair

Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com

#36: Graceful Layers Around The Face

Lily Aldridge is irresistible! The light layering of her front locks looks amazing. The structure and silhouette of Lily’s haircut are enhanced by her creative hair color solution. The long golden brown accents refresh her look and define the edges of her haircut. When styling your hair with a blow-dryer and a round brush, curl the ends of your locks outside.

long layered haircut

Jaguar PS / Shutterstock.com

#37: Long Layered Haircut

Girls with straight hair often complain that their hairstyles lack texture and dimension. But Cara Delevingne’s straight tresses look superb. Her secrets are a layered haircut and bronding coloring that gives the effect of sun-faded locks.

long straight haircut with layers

Featureflash / Shutterstock.com

#38: Layers And Light Side Bangs

Reese Witherspoon has a heart-shaped face. That’s why if you also have a wide forehead, pointed chin, and high cheekbones, you may get inspired by her looks. This haircut offers medium layers to boost the volume of your locks and light side bangs to correct the wide forehead visually.

medium layered haircut with bangs

DFree / Shutterstock.com

#39: Classy Haircut For Black Women

Gabrielle Union chooses the universal medium-to-long length for her simple haircut with well-trimmed ends. The brown highlights on black locks are the zest of her hairstyle. Thus, with a simple haircut and a flattering hair color solution you can achieve your most stylish looks!

medium haircut for black women

Debby Wong / Shutterstock.com

#40: Long Layers And Blunt Cut Bangs

Hannah Simone’s haircut with long layers is recommended for girls and women with straight thick hair. It looks great in simple downdos like this and can be styled into breathtaking updos or chic braided hairstyles. The thick blunt cut bangs draw attention to Hannah’s big beautiful eyes.

long haircut with bangs for straight hair

HelgaEsteb / Shutterstock.com

Long hair needs special care. Do not forget about the usage of balms, hair masks, and heat protectants. Besides, it’s very important to choose the right haircut and trim the split ends regularly. Long straight hair is a great base for stylish looks. Try the hairstyles you’ve seen in our review. Most of them are easy to duplicate at home. Be happy, beautiful and stylish!